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But nato summit at home and abroad i'm michael toscano restless congressional republicans today trying to rein in president trump a bit with the senate passing a binding resolution eighty eight to eleven giving them more to say in how tariffs are used several gop leaders also taking the time to support nato being sharply criticized at the brussels summit by president trump and that includes house speaker paul ryan nato's indispensable it's as important today as it ever has been trump started his day at the summit where the tents breakfast meeting with nato secretary general jens stoltenberg telling him he wants nato members to pay four percent of their economies worth for defense stoltenberg brushing that off be committed to the pledge increasing defense spending to two percent let's start with that ben trump blasted germany germany is totally controlled by russia because they will get it from sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia had a new pipeline trump got his facts wrong there and his comments roused the ire of german chancellor angela merkel the second largest donor of troops we put most of our military into the service of nato and are strongly committed enough ghanistan where we also defend the interests of the united states of america translator markle's interpreter stocks closed sharply lower today on fears of a trade war being sparked by the trump tariffs president trump today threatening new tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products in china threatening to hit back equally hard the dow jones four day positive streak was halted closing down two hundred nineteen points the nasdaq fell forty three points and the sp five hundred declined twenty crews in northern nevada are battling the largest wildfire in the country the martin fire burning over four hundred thirty thousand acres being fueled by dry and hot conditions nasa says the fire is so large that a smoke plume can be seen from space croatia advancing to the world cup final for the first time beating england two to one an extra time croatia.

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