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Investigation president trump confirmed via tweet that the federal special counsel is looking at him for possible obstruction of justice the president tweeted i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director which at a meant to one the washington post reporters who broke the story joins us adam great to have you former fbi director jim colmey adam testified earlier this month that mr trump was not personally under investigation what has changed or really what change was the encounters that colmey had with the president of following that notification so he he tells them this for the first time in january when he's still a president elect and then basically there other encounters they colmey has with the president that basically are going to be at the centre of this investigation into possible obstruction and colmey of course being a prosecutor investigator you know he has a very good memory he took notes of all these encounters and those notes have now been shared with the special counsel as and the special council will start interviewing other officials he was supposed to start this week with some senior intelligence officials and basically he will do these interviews yo evaluate these documents that easa collected from colmey and others and decide whether or not he has a case for obstruction and it's not just the special council whose busy the department of justice seems to be fighting back against some of these stories deputy attorney general rod rosenstein released an unusual message about the rush investigation he warned americans to exercise caution before accepting is true any stories attributed to anonymous officials what do you make of this adam it was a really bizarre statement frankly and sources of told us that you know that there there was quite a bit of consternation within the judge as department over the decision to issue this memo which apparently rod does without coming under any pressure from the white house he decides on his own to do it so is that is that designed to show solidarity with the president and a moment when obviously the president is looking at the fbi and the justice department with as a threat is he is he it was that the goal of issuing that statement it was very strangely worded particularly the first sentence.

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