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Here on your case Kate afternoon news, checking your money now, Kelly brothers with Genevieve's Burford and brothers Facebook launching a new crypto currency. It's called libra, and they expect it's going to have a lot of ramifications now for their bottom line, but for people right now who are unbagged for folks in other countries where the currencies are not near a as the dollar. They think this is a game changer on a global scale. We will have to wait and see as for the overall market now regaining over ninety percent of the losses back in may. It's been a very strong month of June today, we were pushed forward by easy money policies in Europe. Our fed is meeting, they'll now, sir decision on rates tomorrow and the president outsing that he and president Xi of China will meet at the g twenty summit coming up before the end of the month final numbers, Dow of 353 twenty-six four sixty five NASDAQ up one hundred seventy nine fifty three the SNP up twenty. Eight points gold up eight thirteen fifty announce ten year bond yield two point oh, six percent. And by the way, Kelly was mentioning the Facebook's new crypto currency libra. Do you think you'd use that? That's your poll question. It Kate are com. The afternoon news with Katie O'Neill federal data reveals that after decades of getting better, America's air quality may not be getting any clearer over the last two years. The nation has had more polluted air days than just few years earlier, while it's unclear whether this is the beginning of a trend health experts say it isn't troubling development. The Trump administration is expected to replace Obama era rule designed to limit harmful emissions from its electric power plants on Wednesday. Well, Monday night tweet from President Trump reportedly caught immigration officials off guard President Trump and his team believe, mass arrests of undocumented immigrants could serve as a deterrent to people who may be considering crossing the US southern border illegally on the eve of the kickoff of his reelection campaign. President Trump writing on Twitter last night that next week ice. We'll start removing the quote. Millions of illegal aliens here in the US, the president's tweet reportedly caught him a Gration officials off guard US official tells ABC that the deportations described by the president or not imminent and ice does not unveil operational details in advance. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House. Authorities say at least two TSA officers were hurt at Phoenix harbor airport in Arizona when they were tapped by man trying to rush through a security checkpoint. It happened this morning at terminal, four the man was taken down by transportation security officers, and Phoenix police and arrested. And it is five twenty five now at news ninety three point one k of two conflicting stories being told of the deadly shooting inside, a corona, California Costco. The attorney for an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who shot and killed Kenneth French inside that store on Friday says his client was hit from behind without warning. The attorney says he was knocked unconscious, he held his eighteen month old son and his client shot, French out of fear for his life. But the families are saying they have witness accounts that do not match up to the original story, fridges parents were also, Sean and remain hospitalized. And then there is this Marilyn Monroe is missing a statue of the legendary actress was stolen Monday from a busy intersection in Hollywood. The image was in the likeness of Monroe from her famous scene in the movie the seven year itch when she stood on top of a subway Grayton or dress float upwards. Right. That statue said, on top of a massive gazebo dedicated to women in film. Well the witness. Says somebody climb the fifty or so foot tall Zebo pull out a hacksaw cut the statue off his perch and took off with it. So behind the lookout Monroe. Yeah. That's kind of hard to hide everything. All right. Five twenty set news ninety three point one. K K. Dan has with your traffic.

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