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From K Q weedy news. I'm Tiffany Cam, high California may finally have enough water, but the state is facing drought of a different kind. Now dearth of earthquakes joining me now is LA times. Reporter Ron Lynn who wrote about the current dry spell, and Ron what are we hearing from scientists and geologists about this earthquake drought? There are several ways to think about it one, you know, up in the bay area. We've only had three earthquakes of magnitude six or greater since the great nineteen six quake. And that includes the nineteen eighty nine Loma Prieta earthquakes in the seventy five years before the nineteen th we had fourteen. So we're definitely in a situation where we're in a slow period of earthquakes and the big question is when are we going to jump out of that and have a more active period earthquakes? So what does the history of earthquakes in California, tell us, basically, what do the numbers tell us? So. So typically in if you look at three false that are the scariest for California there, the San Andreas the Santa's into and the Hayward fault, we should be getting an average of three to four earthquakes on those large enough to break the ground every hundred years before we found out that in this analysis that was just done by the US Geological Survey, they found out that the last one hundred years that's between nineteen nineteen and twenty eighteen we've had no earthquakes on those faults at least in areas where we've studied them over the past years, and that is really rare for the past thousand years. In fact, there's no one hundred year period like it in you mentioned three folks, the San Andreas San Jacinto and Hayward, why are scientists most concerned with these faults? The things about California is that we're on a big plate boundary. So it's the boundary between. In the North American and Pacific plates. And so these three faults are formed a main plate boundaries. So like in in millions of years from now, part of California is gonna be moving up toward Lasca and part of California's couldn't be moving toward Mexico. And so the reason why scientists care about these three faults is that they're the fastest moving, and they will be the ones most likely produce a super size earthquake in our lifetime in your piece. You also mentioned that quakes in the bay area have been pretty scarce compared to the rest of the state since the nineteen ninety six earthquake the one that destroyed much of Havard Cisco there's only been three earthquakes in the bay area greater than magnitude six, and that's very low. If you look at the eighteen hundreds we had a lot more we had fourteen earthquakes over seventy five years. It was very seismically active time. So the thing that scientists. Will tell me that at some point this quite period is going to end, and we could be facing a new era of earthquakes where we might get bigger quakes. A lot more frequently than we have. Okay. So how do we prepare for these earthquakes? So there are a number of ways you can prepare for an earthquake. If you own an apartment or a house, if would be a good idea to get checked out by structural engineer to see if it needs to be retrofitted can make sure that your water heaters strapped. And then you know, when you're at home, just look around your apartment or your home. You know, look to see if you if you're bookcases are strapped to the wall. You can go to the hardware store and buy some straps, and you can just do a bunch of research about what kind of go bag, you need to make sure that you have enough water and food to get shoe going for the next two weeks after north quake hits Ron thank you. Thanks so much that was LA times. Reporter Ron Lynn. And I'm Tiffany Cam high K Q E news support on Saturday. Coms from personal capital committed to transforming financial lives through technology and people personal capital dot com. Support for kqed comes from Roger McNally's, waking up to the Facebook catastrophe telling the story of tech venture capitalist and early mentor to Mark Zuckerberg who wakes up to the influence and implications. Facebook has on society available everywhere books are sold. Cisco presenting new Cisco WebEx meetings, providing integrated audio video and content sharing for businesses of every size more at Cisco dot com slash choose WebEx. The time is nine forty. I'm Laurie London with these headlines a bond hearing has been set for Monday for the suspect in three recent arson. Fires at African American churches in the wheezy Anna twenty one year old Holden Matthews. The son of a sheriff's deputy is suspected of torching three black churches in ten days. President Trump says the US must win the race to build five gene networks five G. Will mean faster wireless speeds and has implications for technologies like self driving cars, and augmented reality the rollout started last week in the US and South Korea. But will take years North Korea's leader says he's open to a third summit with President Trump if the US offers mutually acceptable terms for an agreement. Trump also says he's open to another meeting on Laurie. London. NPR news in Washington..

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