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Indeed dot com, I'll Matt piper took a, couple of days but President Trump has finally raid remarks about, the late, Senator John McCain hearts and prayers are going to the family of. Senator John McCain it'd be a lot of activity over the next, number of days and we very much appreciate everything that Senator McCain has. Done for country it was. At a dinner he hosted for evangelical leaders at. The White House it comes after. The White House I decided to stop flying the American flag at half staff though McCain's through, McCain's funeral Sunday then made a change. Late this afternoon Senator Johnny, Isakson, anybody who anyway Tarnishes. The reputation of John McCain deserves Because most of the ones who would do the wrong thing about John McCain didn't have the guts to do the right thing was there turn the US and Mexico have agreed to overhaul. NAFTA the North American Free trade agreement both countries put pressure on Canada to agree to new terms on things like auto trade Bill Reinsch with the center for. Strategic and international studies offers this view the important issue I think now is whether Canada will come in the idea of NAFTA from the beginning, was to have integrated North American, market, dividing it up into separate US Mexico separate US Canada pieces. I think would be a good thing auto stocks soared and the s&p five hundred and the NASDAQ rally directed highs on the expectation. That candidate would sign onto the deal police are still searching for a motive in the third. Mass shooting, in two years in Florida Sunday's Jacksonville shooting during video game Turney left two people dead and eleven hurt FBI special agent Charles Spencer. Says they've, been speaking with the suspects parents parents both mother. And father have been fully cooperative FBI so so far they've provided access to all of the records we've, requested and been very understanding the, need, for information to ensure the safety of others witnesses say the. Twenty four year old suspect was a disgruntled gamer angry because he lost a tournament former staffers at an elite New Hampshire prep school. Are accused of sexually abusing students correspondent Elaine Quixote eleven former employees of Phillips Exeter academy are. Accused of, fondling students along with other sexual misconduct to new reports detail the claims spanning several decades the school is also accused of mishandling the. Complaints and, failing to investigate them top seed Simona Halla Ended up on the wrong side of history at the US open she, becomes the first woman in the. Professional era to lose in the first round of the open Alip fell in straight sets to Kaya Number one this is CBS news Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on. Qualified candidates in an online dashboard get started. At indeed. Dot com slash ir It's. Nine zero three. At the barriers. New station KCBS. Partly cloudy inland tonight with fog at the coast and. Into the bay it's going to, be sunny and unseasonably cool again tomorrow after morning overcast good evening I'm leery Sharoni here's what's happening California could see seventy seven percent moorland, burned by wildfires by the end of the century KCBS has making Goalby. Tells, us that's, according to the state's fourth wide reaching climate. Change assessment that fire statistic is about. The entire state but says David Ackerly dean of the college of natural resources at UC Berkeley of course we can't forecast, where the next fire occurs we don't know what year was location what we can look. At these broad trends that are. Driven by the underlying factor in those factors in the bay area which is the portion of the report that accurately worked on include how're using our land so we. Have a housing crisis we know that the housing forces people to it's, a central valley or maybe north or south as people go to the central valley that increases demand for air conditioning it means there's more traffic. On the roads as people go. Into the Margin's like the rural areas it increases vulnerability to fire the report suggests we focused. On denser more livable cities it also. Highlights. Rising sea levels as. A problem for. The bay area. And the solution. It says needs to be a group effort or the. Water sloshes back and forth across, the bay we can't solve each region council the problem alone without looking at it regionally and this will be on our agenda for years, and frankly decades to come the southern California report says that as much. As, sixty seven, percent of the areas beaches may wash away. By the end of the century if. We don't make some changes Megan gold speak KCBS the San Jose police union is announcing historic new agreement regarding the office, of the independent police auditor KCBS as my Cogan has the details the agreement follows last. Week's resignation of independent police auditor. Errands Zinser who came under heavy fire from the police union over inaccuracies and his annual report to the city council police union president Paul Kelly's has a new agreement. Calls for more civilian oversight in three major areas one being department initiated Complaints officer involved shootings and then more statistics on. Use of force cases that actually don't have a complaint attached to them Kelly says the agreement benefits, community groups who have been calling for more civilian oversight I think if there's other groups. That have said we weren't working, on it we wanted Mr. to leave so, we didn't have to do more oversight this proves, they were, wrong dead wrong. What's important is that we just stay focused and understand how important our office is the city is planning to conduct a nationwide search for. A new independent police auditor in, San Jose, why Colgan. KCBS a thirty eight year old man was killed in a woman was injured in a shooting last. Night in east Oakland police say the. Two victims were found by officers responding to reports of, shots fired at about seven o'clock on seventy second avenue the man in Oakland resident was pronounced dead at the scene as name has. Not been released the woman who's age and hometown where released was taken to a. Hospital in stable condition Police, have not released any more information about the shooting nasty. Allegations tend to fly in the weeks leading up to any election and the, KCBS reporter Tim Ryan tells us the discussion has turned sexual in the. Cinema city council race last week I. Was threatened by an anonymous coward that's sonoma's city councilwoman Rachel Hundley who claims to. Have received an anonymous Email with the link to racy underwear photos of her at the burning man. Gathering? In the Nevada desert saying if she failed to drop out of the race they would be shared with the public what was especially disturbing in this era of metoo was the, attempt to slut shamed me, for celebrating my body and for my attendance at. Burning man synonymous state university political science professor David McEwen a cinema resident called the threat of. Vile character assassination if it's not, illegal it's certainly file it's classless it is so personal As. To cross a threshold or barrier the web link has since been taken, down Hundley first elected to the council for years, ago posted a response to the threatening. E mail on YouTube asking the public to consider her record in office and not anonymous accusations and threats when it's time to vote Tim Ryan CBS just ahead on, KCBS I'm, Carrie, Hodousek in Dublin where the CHP hosts a summit on driving under. The influence of marijuana, it's not worth. Your life. Or another person's life.

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