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How would you compare it to Matt Sarah's upset of George saint-pierre at UC sixty nine bigger on par or not as big start off? Dan as tough I came in right at my peak phantom around this time and US sixty nine shoot out. If I want to say, I mean that almost burns in my head. You don't think of it as UC sixty nine are, you snapping shootout? You think of that is the event where Matt Sarah upset, George Saint Pierre we reference it all the time. It's hard to imagine that beating it, but it is John Jones we're talking about and even starches critics even with the positive test. If you will. And and again, you you could be on the complete opposite end of John Jones. And that way, you gotta give the guy credit. He's one of the best fighters we've ever seen in that cage. And I think a lot of people would be blown away as blown away. I I don't know. I I'll say no I'll vote. No, no, not as big not as big goes. He goes I remember that night. And I remember there was a pride going on in Japan. And I had to break the news to a lot of fighters that that had happened. And none of them believed me, that's how big that was actually end up the phone going your lying. We'll just wait and see tomorrow. So that's pretty big. However, I think this is going to be even bigger because here's the thing up until that point saint-pierre had lost. Okay. John Jones is a loss on his record. So to me, this would be way bigger. This is a guy that has almost no holes in his game. All right at the time. You could maybe say Saint Pierre was good. But you hadn't reached great news opponent b Reshad shogun and Volcan, right? Yeah. Whereas GOP or sorry Manser had gone through a comeback season respect to those veterans, but not ranked fighters so and the odds seemed to be even you know, so so you want to stop this. While you go make that bet. I just enjoy the fight. You know, what I'll put something small with him as part of a parley if they let me do it just because I can't walk in and go here's fourteen hundred hundred on John Jones anything can happen in in the day. I do it is that they'll get stunk for fourteen hundred bucks. So if anything I'll put like ten bucks on Anthony Smith or something with another. It's like a lot of ticket. You know what I mean? Yes, I can hit. He heard a lot of those guys that just mentioned, but. I don't really we'll go ahead finish the last thing. I was going to say is when that happened. There were still people finding out about that the next day from from casual fans, whatever if this upset happens on Saturday night with ESPN behind it with this big as the sport is now, there's not a person walk in this earth. That's not going to find out about that within hours. It's going to be huge. All right, James has a Canadian. I gotta say the Sarah that would be bigger, and I'm going to base it off this as a Canadian George saint-pierre doesn't just represent himself. But he represents an entire country so him losing. There's all this hope, you know, he's the next big Canadian superstar everything like daddy looked unstoppable. And we have to look at how Sarah got that title shot. It was on the ultimate fighter. He beat Chris Lytle. I think if you you could argue that Anthony Smith is a bit of a tougher challenge to get to the title, beating Boca notes to MIR. Chris Lytle, I mean, I love the guy that was a close fight. But Sarah God in there. And I think a lot of people felt like he shouldn't have been and he goes out there and not just defeat saint-pierre. But he finishes him in the first round. I. That's so hard to replicate. And the other thing we got add in all the stuff that's going on outside the cage with John Jones that he's had to deal with you know, at some point something's going to happen. He's gonna falter whereas with Saint Pierre he looked unstoppable. I mean, people were just talking about retirement recently. You look at that second fight with Matt..

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