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Social media news. Olympic athletes are in. Tokyo will be sleeping in high tech one hundred percent. Recyclable beds made of cardboard germane to of cardboard to discourage athletes from having sex. Yeah you know. Because that'll little corona virus thing. Everyone seems to be talking about the one gymnasts though from ireland he posted anyone take back and i saw it where he was doing. Backflips in jumping around on it. So you can fuck on the cardboard beds. There wasn't cheap bill. I guess it's probably how many motherfucking athletes are going to the olympics. You've not every but it opens in two days and they keep saying you might be cancelled. How where do you go from there. Because they said they were up one hundred and fifty one hundred fifty five percent They were up in cases of corona. So do you think it's actually going to happen know. Some of our athletes aren't even going right there. Stepping back really was it. They're not gonna go and you look at it. It's a huge sacrifice for them because they've is and to have this and then they gotta make that choice where the they tied to just a di training just mom. I'm guessing it does. It's a shame possible. Death is a good deterrent unless hosting it is. Yeah unless you're the usa basketball team then you just yeah yeah we don't give away the dream team covert anyway just split. Nobody's dying from covert anymore. Thank god you know. People are getting sick but it's not as bad as it was and that's they joe in brand tokyo's little fuck it all. I'm sure but eventually to even out of sticky much longer and this is my joe. Joe's scientist know what is what is needed. You didn't get there by the huge trying to move onto a new story again. Stranded rancher survives on beer for two days. That's my guy hinge wyoming fifty-three-year-old rancher named frank reynolds got himself into a bit of a Trouble in a bind. When he rolled his eighteen dislocating his shoulder and breaking several. i'll he he was in pain relief the atv and was far and so far into the field that nobody could hear him scream but he did have some bottle border. Fuck that twelve pack of keystone light. Billy was ultimately kept him alive for two days. Frank wanted and waited for someone to find him only do one. Ken birmingham would get real drunk. Outfield is fucking ribs. It all of edgy neighbor tracked down. I got him to the hospital where he fully recovered expect before. Now that's not a keystone lake fucking commercial if you don't go out of your way of keystone light doesn't see that as a beautiful pr story. What kept you alive. He's don't like us you can live you live live live coors cores and they just look like deer coordinates like there should. Yeah that's why it's called actually to. I drink nancy beer. You drink your cores man. Go yeah i do i. Twenty five hundred cores light. Yeah well that's why because he's a drain hannigan symbol heineken. We'll fuck vacation. We'll fill you up though nine months. Go next talk soon so me the we ask weird news with that one go. You had a good one before. Would you wanna the one you had before you talking about. I don't know we raise it over here. Good but let me get. I have this. I have this also has We also have music music. Accompaniment high enjoyed this. I play some music.

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