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I would be remiss if I didn't try to through, you know, show some support and so he's donating the band camp. Proceeds and will link to that over on probably dot com or you could just look up Tim height occur band camp. And it's it's pretty hilarious. And in a true, Tim, Heidegger fashion like played so straight that it almost isn't satire listening to you. You were saying before you could easily put on in the background note realize that it's a parody song. Yeah. And I think that's really strength in a lot of ways. I like that about it. Because it's almost like a Tuesday on adventure. If you want it to be about this sort of lonely delusional character who thinks he'll find meaning and thinks you'll find a girlfriend if can be about that if. You want it to be about someone who's genuinely excited for the Trump rally could be about that to kind of it's called the ballot of installment of we didn't that is certainly that's that's what that's what gives it away. And the fact that it's Tim because he has a whole book of these Trump songs that he's been doing. And so it's like him singing at him coming out at gives it that satirical, underpinning. But I do think just as a song it just kinda works as a song on its own grounds. Kind of regardless. I like that about a lot. And I like that you can talk about like, it's not any one specific thing. I think that's a Mark of good song in general like just anything that gets you talking about and get you listen to you know. Yeah. I recommend everyone. Check it out, and you can donate. How much you want from a dollar up at his band camp. So yeah. Tim height ker dot band camp dot com. And of course, we also have links to the point tickets to that on probably science dot com as well. So the date for that again November fourth of embers fourth. Damning Sunday Sunday. You just you just let them coming Sunday. But I mean when this this'll be publish missing today publishing out this in December. Hopefully, it's this Sunday. That means next week's episode is going to be three weeks old and there'll be dated things in that now. But yeah to get out now, I appreciate I appreciate that. This is gonna go to how you when you just you as you said, the point again, you went back, and sort of lent on ukulele did bump into my ukulele did feel that you were just. Punctuating it kids TV show. I should we didn't finish saying why we sound better today, which is that Kiko happened to have microphones for hersal and his car. So he brought in these Sennheiser. Yeah. The through nine forty nine forty nine forty five in the we have the nine thirty five o see for some reason, they higher quality than the ones we got on EBay when we first started this podcast five years ago, curious listeners can tell and Sennheiser corporate listening. We'd love you to send these are way. They are really really good microphones. And I just I just picked them up recently. They had a special on them, and I'm really happy with them. And yeah, the only big difference between the one you have in the one we have the nine forty five nine thirty. They sound a little bit different. But the big different is that is a super cardio. Did these are regular, and basically that just means the pickup pattern is different. So like if you go off axis, it'll if I go off to hear that some dif- almost as appeared appear that. If I do the same with that have a different. Okay. I'm going inside of it. You're still it's still attenuates you a little bit. But less right it. There's a broader pickup pattern on these narrow one on that doing polar coordinates that thing ever had I had to at some point in math, right? Dipoto coordinates I had to do all that stuff cardio aides because they're kind of heart shaped, right?.

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