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Live everywhere on the I. Heart radio APP Outed Start. I'm Bill Seward From the 24 hour news room. At least a dozen tips have come in regarding the cause of that wildfire in the San Bernardino National Forest. Fire investigators with Cal fire say they can't give any further detail. But they say they're looking for more information on a vehicle with a diesel fueled engine that spewed thick black carbon particles last Friday evening. Apple Tree Lane in Oakland rode those particles sparked a couple smaller fires, which quickly grew into one large fire that's now consumed. At least 29,000 acres to firefighters have been injured. Four homes and eight other buildings have been destroyed. Steve Gregory King If I news a judge in L. A, has set a $90 million bail for the leader of a worldwide megachurch who's facing 23 child sex charges. The church of one million members La Luz del Mundo's says the bail is unconstitutionally excessive and categorically rejects the Occassions Nazione Joaquin Garcia was arrested last year. But due to a technicality. The state refiled 36 charges last week against Garcia and two others, This former member said in February. She's one of scores of Children who are taught. This is what God wants, and my eternal soul depended on me, sexually pleasing losing, you know, pastas bail had been 50 million. But yesterday the judge tacked on 40 million more based on what he called evidence of flight risk and disturbing charges in L. A. Corbyn, Carson Ko Phi News and a winery in Burbank has been caught up in Over 19 regulatory purgatory. Urban Press Winery owner Giovanni Di Andrea says he went to amend his alcohol licence when urban close San Fernando Road so bars and restaurants could expand outdoor seating. That's when he learned the county wouldn't let his winery stay open. There are affecting hundreds and hundreds of businesses. You know, it was small time brewery, smalltime wineries and distillers in the county. The county regulation is stricter than the state regulation in keeping wineries,.

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