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They're banned. They came out of Portland, and they were one of the most influential bands, especially on Kurt Cobain Melvin grow hole in the early nineties. I can't remember exactly what happened, but the singer Greg sage he got sick. And so they put together a tribute to them and nirvana covered return of the rat on there. It was really good Hank really wanted youth of America on there. And I think he made an excellent point is to the dirge like quality of some of the songs that sort of makes it a grunt checkered. I love it. I think it's great. I'm glad we have it on there. I wanna talk about stone temple pilots because they actually have two spots on the list, which Indy nineties would have been extremely controversial. And actually purple which is at number twenty four. I think would be less controversial than what you guys did with core because that's surprising to me. But perp. Apple I think everyone kind of agreed that that's showed them as people really thought. They were kind of rip off on their first album time, everyone this Pearl Jam. Yes. And they kind of did. And that's why they're. But purple really did go in a lot of different direction to made that comparison. Yes, easy. I would say that one's more. Gimme, but we'll Duffin that they're the number twenty four and another Soundgarden number twenty three heavy won the deep six compilation. We talked about Jerry Cantrell soul album highly. Underrated green. Remember, we talked about the single soundtracks so important, and I love Cameron Crowe comparing to the graduate. Which isn't quite right. Of course. Because isn't the graduate? Also, I'm and Garfunkel, it's like ninety eight percents. So it's like a little off, you know, it's like unless you accept it. Some Garfunkel totally encapsulated era, which I guess you could another sort of one off which I think it was. Yeah, it was a one-off Matt seasons, which is the supergroup. It was Mike mccready from Pearl Jam Layne Staley from Alison chains Barrett from screaming trees, and I don't know anything in particular as one of my favorite songs on there that I thought that was Nelson chainsaw until I went back and I was mad season. Number seventeen is screaming trees sweet oblivion. I was forget about screaming trees. And then when I go back, and listen screaming trees, I mean, a lot of bands. It.

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