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I am a sixfour. It's Conway Show. Where are you getting on? Metro's on still tryingto snag him. You got him. All right, ladies and German half of the Petros of money team over there. 5 70 am started two PM everyday Petro's pappa daggers. How are you, Bob? Hello, Tim. How are you? That's the landline here is down. So I'm on the cell and I'm outside with these apocalyptic skies, but I don't know. I no longer live in San Pedro. Unfortunately, I I don't Yeah, it's a real loss of street cred. A really heavy losses. I feel like you know that. I don't know where I live. I don't know where they make. You know, I don't know where you live, but I feel like that's ah big shot to San Pedro. Yeah, well, it's like, take a Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. That's right. Tell people where you moved. Yeah, It's been five years. I live in palace 40 states. I had no idea. I always picture you like in a crappy apartment in San Pedro. With lot of streets. History spread. Well, look across 7 11. What? The last time I lived across from a point firm and market and the cliff. With the Ah red light that said, and flashed in my window here, So I've been weathered. When I lived in San Pedro, with my wifely. We lived in a very nice area next to the Angels gate. You know the old Korean bell from the usual suspects. Yeah, well, you know, flicked a cigarette it that guy. You know, my when I was in sixth grade our sixth grade field trip, you know, that's the big year when you're before you gotto junior high. You have one big trip was to go whale watching. We stayed the vagabond and Sam Pead Roe and then the day of ports of call. Yeah, Porch. A call is a pretty gnarly place. Last time I was there, which is not that long ago, But three Cove it I ended up with my almost my entire torso out of a uber throwing up on the way home. I love those enchiladas. Yeah, CD it wass and everything is you know is water logged all the wood is warped. I mean, there's You know the rats the size of ponies. I enjoyed the place. Well, what we've always called Sampedro endearingly is where the ghetto meets the sea. And it's never been more true. Then today, you know, just like most of our other places. I mean something like 80% of the halfway houses in the city of Los Angeles are in San Pedro. So we got a lot of weirdoes walking around. You know, Uh, I drove through Hollywood the other night, but I could no, I thought it was a blade. Runner was it was I was like, Wow, right, And that's where people want to go when they come to town. And I, we steer them away from it. Like when I have uncles and aunts and cousins who come to town and they want to see Hollywood. I always say, like, you know. Well, let's let's put that off. Let's try Disneyland Universal. I don't know. Maybe you know, downtown L A with the homeless and then maybe maybe You know the hellhole that is Hollywood. I mean, when you're on the 101, it's almost like being on a boat. You know, with the with the freeway exits, right? And you're kind of like, you know, Um, I'm going to go in this cove. Now. That's a little too gnarly. Maybe I'll wait for fine like that. I don't think you know. Probably wait until sunset. It is like so much squalor just rolling up on the embankment. Oh, I don't really is. It's a trip. I don't know how anybody swallows their pride. It does it. I did it the other day. Because I'm a radio man, and I want to stay in tune to the city, even if it's like being in like an amusement park car. But man, what a friend. I only go there because I love Joe's pizza. And so I risk it. I get off on Gower. And I make an immediate right and I go and I blow through any red light. And if a cop pulls mail run, like, Look, I'm glad you're here. Write me a ticket, and you just watched me as I go to Joe's and then watch me get out of the city, please. But I don't stop for any red lights in Hollywood. Just take a pill or Gulch. That's not your right. The Gower Gulch. The people living under Gower are not as crazy as the people living on Hollywood or sunset, or, you know, or Norm or Melrose. All those other exits are really dangerous. But you've got that real western. A Gower Gulch there. Oh, yeah. You know, that's a pretty Yeah, That's the old West aspires Hollywood, but that's where the old like old school. Homeless guys are that you know, they beg for money, but they're not going. I thank you. The new style, Laura wisely style. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah. Old school, homeless guys air on Gower, and they live in that area for years. But the new eye, you know, the new fangled homeless guys will ask you for money and then shank you they'll stab you. Yes, it's rough. I played at Berkeley for a very short time before I disgrace my family and hitchhiked home that really noticed that about the homeless of Berkeley. Telegraph and beyond, You know, they really they had a stick. You know they had a personality they had on approach. Unlike you know the kids with the but with the gauges in their ears and noses. It's just smell bad and are asking for money. You know, there was a guy called Hate Man, but he hated everything. That was his thing. There was a guy who occupied a parking spot with an invisible car. And you know what? Back it out. You know, that's you know, that's the kind of entertainment you were looking for. From our homeless right now. They have creative names like dirty legs. You know, there's Phil. Dirty legs. Hey, how'd you get that name? Legs? They're filthy. Oh, wow. Who created that name? Who came up with that? Honey? That's great. Hey, I'm mark Old rotator cuff. Ron s O football started tonight. That's exciting. I love the sport. And I don't care how much you know I've got. I sit through with e you know, and the rules about no one tendons and all that stuff. I just love the game, and it's sort of signifies. A change in America. You know, we don't have change is out here with weather, So we look to for two things in a change of life..

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