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Cargoes number one football station. Home of Notre Dame football and the home of Carmen in your co we are ESPN one thousand third straight home game to start the year for the Irish as number eight Notre Dame Vanderbilt go head to head at Notre Dame stadium. Both teams enter to go, but only one will leave undefeated and for Notre Dame the keys to the game. And to staying on beaten will be given to us now by Mr Ryan Harris who was on site at Notre Dame stadium. Ryan, what do the Irish need to do to take care of business? Thanks, joe. Beautiful day out here at Notre Dame. The sun is shining glistening off of the golden dome. Fantastic day for football, Joe, first and foremost, the Irish must sink the Commodores, the Vanderbilt Commodores named after Cornelius Vanderbilt who made his fortune in shipping in the best way to sink a ship is to do. So with great defense today for the Irish turn up the temple of this offense line for Vanderbilt's. Probably the biggest offensive line that that I have seen so far. But I'm not very impressed with their foot speed. So expect your Tillery. To have a huge day Julian up to continue to develop, and of course, politic Kareem to continue on his career setting year. And then Secondly shocking on offense guys, go get confidence for each and every player on this offense increased the confidence from Brandon Weeden Bush's two hundred ninety seven yard career passing day last week turned down turn download interceptions by getting other players involved. Creating some schemes to give confidence to guys like chase pool. Mouse boykin read six catches all in the second half last week. So get guys going get the confidence going now it's week. Now, it's week three. Joe three means you.

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