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Student. Samantha Josephson, she got into a car. She thought was her Uber alleged killer. Locked the car doors from the inside for more. Here's ABC's Victor oquendo. Smith was by herself. She had absolutely no chance of heart wrenching vigil for college seniors. Samantha josephson. She truly was. My life per less moments. Cut owed surveillance footage getting into what appears to be her Uber, but it's a stranger. Police safe Nathaniel Roland kidnapped and murdered the twenty one year old before discarding her body in a remote wooded area. Forever. Be better having known her. Family and friends remembering the university of South Carolina student furrow, positively and bright future. Samantha was to go to law school. Now, those dreams gone with ridesharing apps more popular than ever with an estimated seventy five million writers on Uber alone questions swirling about how passengers can stay safe. It was a typical Thursday night here in five points at area, really popular with college students near the university of South Carolina campus. Samantha Joseph inter friends. They were out here at this bar called the bird dog after she got separated from the group. She decided to go home police say she ordered an Uber after two a m waiting alone outside on the surveillance footage of black Chevy Impala pulled up and Josephson got in. We believe that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking, it was a new variety. It was none. The next day worried. Friends told the police had not heard from her. The next morning. I became worried about one thirty. They reached out to the police department to report her missing, but it would be too late but found by a couple of people hunting and field won't was describe the sheriff to us as a wooded area in a very rural part of the county. According to the arrests work Josephson suffered multiple wounds to were body, including her head, Nick face, upper body, leg and foot. The coroner releasing her cause of death as due to multiple sharp force injuries. Police track down the vehicle surveillance. Video arrested Twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel rolling at a traffic. Stop around three AM inside police say they found liquid bleach cleaning wipes and window cleaner. The Chevy Impala that was driven by the suspect had a large large amount of liquid that we believed to be blood and once they did a presumptive test. In fact, was confirmed to be blood rolling is now charged with kidnapping and. Murder police describing how he was able to carry out his alleged crime further investigation on the suspect vehicle determined the child than a child safety seat was in the back, and then the child safety locks were activated on the door that would not allow someone to the means of escape from the back of the suspect vehicle in court hearing, which the alleged murderer did not attend Josephson's mother with this abortion police. Face is thing girl. Nate. Be given the right to get to my daughter given the opportunity for anyone. On campus some students saying they'll continue to be vigilant. Are you take extra precautions definitely going to be checking who's overdrive checking the license plates? All that stuff. I'm telling my friends. The number and not I'm not going to burn alone. Police have not said if the killing was targeted but are asking the public to report any encounters with fake Roger drivers. We also would ask anybody that has been in five points, you know, in in recent times that has had anybody and try to entice them over to a car like in Rochester capacity or would ask them to give us a call. Uber calling this an unspeakable crime sing their hearts with Samantha Josephson's family and loved ones writing that we've been working with local law enforcement and college campuses across the country to educate the public about how to avoid fake Roger drivers. They also caution users to use the app to double check to import details before starting a trip that driver and the car you guys have to travel together for Josephson's father and the rest of her family the warnings come too late, but they're focused on making sure this doesn't happen to another. Some what I wanna do is educate everybody and not on the smartest person here, but I've gone through this. And I don't want anybody else to ever go through this again. I can't tell you. How painful this is? I'm Victor oquendo in Columbia, South Carolina. Coming up healthcare providers in rural America. Down with the film director who explored this topic and her new documentary on perspective after this. What would it take for you to get a tattoo? You didn't want a million dollars? How about a million sucks? I'm Randy from bama's when me and my business partner, Dave has a going quitter jobs.

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