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It's for you, credentials to advance confidence to stand out in your career. At regent university, you'll join more than 30,000 world changers, making a difference in high demand fields. Pursue your bachelor's masters or doctorate online or on campus in Virginia Beach. Your degree from top ranked regent university is waiting, and so is the world that you will elevate, say yes to your purpose and position yourself for a brighter future, visit regent dot EDU slash learn more. Regent dot EDU slash learn more. Folks, welcome to the Eric metaxas show, sponsored by legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals, visit legacy p.m. investments dot com that's legacy p.m. investments dot com. Welcome to the Eric metaxas show with your host, Eric the Texas. Folks, welcome back. I continue my conversation with eugenia Constantino author of the crucifixion of the king of glory. How would we say this in Greek Genie, the crucifixion of the king of glory? 9 9 zero. I get it. I get it. To this doxy. This doxy is the ending. The crucifixion of do. To do vasili, this diversity is the opposite. This doxy is the endings that I get screwed up. So I'll Greek. Okay, so we're talking about many things, but I want to say because I haven't.

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