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Freddie, Coleman may when the raiders are relevant. It's awesome. Quick update. Raiders RAMSAR our right now. Raiders lead. Ten to seven is the Rams were going for a tying field goal. He missed it wide or right and a certain college football teams or college football is just better. When the blue bloods are rolling like Alabama. We need Texas back. Just just because it's Texas Alabama was down. It's not as good Notre Dame. Brian Kelly scare against ball state on Saturday. Right. Twenty four sixteen but you going where the when the blue bloods are good Georgia being back on the Kirby. Smart, right? Oklahoma where you know? It's it's football. Just back college football, just better. Right. When the raiders are good. The NFL is just better because raider fans, well love or hate him. They're raider fans and to watch them rejoicing right in that hit. The black hole at I'll never go into man. It's it's it's week one. And because Gruden is back Chuck, he's back Meiring. It's like this is a Super Bowl. I wish they were staying there. I mean, I gotta say you don't understand Vegas. I understand the move and everything attached to it. But man, there is nothing like writer Spain's. You said, you know, love me hate them. They'll fight you the way, you know. Fight each other. They'll they'll fight each other like they're gonna fight somebody before the night's over. And they're just so energize integrating for a revitalization. If you will for Jon Gruden to bring this team back, man. I love those fans are great. You don't even have to say something about your mama's? Right. I mean, look at the wrong way. Go. No, no matter. What right. It's on game on ten seven right now raiders lead against the Rams at home on the second game of Monday night football Jetta, the lines forty eight seventeen in game one now to college football, man. The overreaction we get every single week to college football is remarkable like. An NFL season you break down into quarters and coach's coaching staffs do that with our players. You know, it's it's four green four-game increments. You know where you want to win each quarter? And if you do that and get a pretty damn good shot at making the postseason normally if you win each quarter. Well, in college football, it's every single week and having served on the college football playoff committees. Mock committee law two years ago was the last season they all run together. Myron. You know, we games played now in one now like take Georgia, South Carolina. For instance, that game is going to be looked upon as a top twenty five win by Georgia and would be viewed favorably by the committee because games that are played. Now, it's about when you play the opponent. When were they ranked because quarterbacks get hurt, whomever. Maybe can may get hurt right later on Bayview at at the time. You played the team were they in the top twenty five where were you? How did you perform that game by Georgia? Davis mantle South Carolina is going to be viewed as in Wade as heavily equally as a game that is one in November against the top twenty five opponent. So when you look at games played this weekend to me, the most impressive win was by the Georgia BULLDOGS. Yeah. I think it's fair to say you do a lot of college football. I'm a huge fan. I do some coverage is what most impressive win of the year. So far, I mean most dominant win against a really good team on the road. I know Alabama's done some great things. Ohio states done some great things. They haven't played a team like, South Carolina. And even the other teams within the top ten had some great moments, but they haven't had a dominant display to put up forty one points on the road on South Carolina. And then the hold them to seventeen. It's back to me in the half players disappointed by that date from to me is is climbing up the Heisman race I in that race in the charts. Forties. He's proven that. Hey last year was a great year for me and this team, but he's out of next level. And he can lead these guys to the championship. You lose a couple of running backs like Chubb most people don't come back from that shove two guys in the top thirty five in the draft may and they had three bags score touchdowns and swift Holyfield and Harian and he got James Cook back rolling rolling. It's it's remarkable another impressive performance. We talked about earlier as well. Stanford over USC Lance Anderson defensive coordinator for the Stanford cardinal his guys on that side of the ball or hunting against USC and K J Costello you'd better defend him. Because they not only can they towed it with Bryce love who had more yards rushing. After I drive then he did all of last week, you better respect Caja Costello as well. Because they can Chuck it. Impressive win. By the Stanford cardinal over SE battle top twenty teams ten b seventeen. And then I this is my favorite. This is my favorite one of the weekend. And it hurt me because if you don't know about Michigan state in Mark dantonio news relationship, and what he's done for my daughter Rowena, just go Google Mark dantonio enrolling Fitzsimmons. And you'd better have some tissue ready because he is he's a better person and a head coach and he's a remarkable head coach. So this one hurt, but at least we had a friend coaching the other staff so it didn't hurt as badly. My daughter ruined. And give a bleep. I mean, she was hacked off when she woke up and saw the score sixteen thirteen Arizona state over Michigan state. Herm Edwards is one of our best friends. He's a dear friend, and he swore to me. He'd never coach again when we did a bears game a few years ago. We're here he is not go in the NFL, but recruiting and coaching right in college in everybody hiked there. Leg on Arizona's state hiring Herm and right now, not only is he two one. Oh at Arizona state. But at the time that they played he's to and over top twenty five teams. Yep. Herm Edwards as he said. Football. Don't forget how to use coaching everyone dick Romeo and the Rams hired him. Right. How'd that work out Saint Louis Rams? Yeah. Pretty good right now. Arizona state geniuses right now for what for hiring Herm Edwards to one. Oh, that's one of the most impressive starts to college football season. You everybody said, hey, this is his retirement job. You know, why is he there and there two now and their rivals in Arizona. Are struggling with candidate Khalil Cal someone trucked by Houston? He's got the team in the state and two games in who would have thought that right? Herm Edwards will be here with us coming up on Wednesday right here on on Freddie and Fitz Simons, and and a lot of people right now early on. Oh that dude in Arizona state. A big time apology FSU struggles, Florida loses Kentucky, I under Wildcats. Get a win. Over the Gators in thirty one years more on that coming up later on up next good friend of ours. Because a lot of years in the NFL first round draft pick all American Ohio State. Bobby carpenter looks back.

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