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Better together has released an updated amendment for voters to consider as talks of merging, Saint Louis city and county continue the group withdrew its proposal late Friday to make some minor wording and technical changes. And that's what it did the group for the most part deleted extraneous words, fixed misspellings and moved commas. The group also in several spots clarified the role that new metro city government would play in debt and pension obligations, again, mainly by replacing moving words around better together maintains as it did Friday that none of the alterations change any underlying policy recommendations, which means the plan is basically still the same better together. Run public meetings to talk about the plans start next month. The Saint Louis prosecutor issued a statement signaling an effort to improve her working relationship with the city police department. Here's came Alexis. Kevin Kelly the statement from circuit attorney Kim Gardner says she's reached a new understanding with police to communicate and cooperate more. When they gather evidence at crime scenes and deciding which officer. Will be excluded from testifying in court because of credibility issues reaction from Jeff Rawda with the Saint Louis police officers association, she's irredeemable she should move on to a job that she can do. Well, I don't know what that is. But it's not prosecute criminals. Adolphus Pruitt of the NFL ACP and Saint Louis says confidence level and Kim Gardner is extremely high the Saint Louis police officers association needs the bag down rutta rutta well Rodney's to bag down. Kevin Colleen NewsRadio eleven twenty kmox. The man who took over his Ferguson city manager while it was still in turmoil after Michael Brown. Junior's death has resigned mayor James Knowles, the third set in the statement that decarlo and see what's resignation is effective March first he's a finalist for a job in Georgia, rain and drizzle overnight with a low thirty four we could start the day Tuesday with a bit of rain and wet snow. No accumulation expected windy as the day goes on clouds breaking.

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