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He's he's finding peter in the end zone which dj more had a problem doing last season and saw at anything that was holding you back from these two. I mean they're both just rocking out this season. And i i've been nothing but a happy with my investment in them. I wish i had more share. So i i spent over seven grand for both of these two in this week weeks lineup. But i mean just jefferson. I talked about. He's going up against the horrible wyans. Secondary i expect him to score. At least one touchdown ghetto get about sixty targets. Even with adam feel their dj more. He's hovering around ten targets a game. So i expect him to have a nice week as well. I think those are two great guys. I was thinking to myself. How how did you build a fifty thousand d- invite bill of fifty thousand team when you have. Dj more injustice. Jack on your team. But you definitely got some bargains. Your other guys on this looking at more stash right now as super impressive if fifteen twenty one twenty and buried to a dvr. So that's those are some big time numbers and then we know just jefferson. He's on my v. draft. Team i love. He was actually my keeper. This year for my redraft. Some super high on justin jeff setting down a line he's going to be the best dynasty rec- relic those guys for sure. Yeah i mean dj. Moore's the fourth overall wide receiver. Pr right now. so i i am. I love him. I i hope he keeps up. He's been fantastic but Bi you're mentioning. I must have some bargains and Yeah so i took some shots Some shots in the year boy band jefferson is somebody who has been a big play threat in a high powered offense. So he'll be playing tonight. So you can bet. I'll be watching him. But he's a guy really liked out of florida a second-year receiver that i was able to get really cheap in most leagues in draftkings also valued pretty low as well. He's only the thirty seventh wide receiver. Npr but if you look at his games he's still getting above above sixty nine sixty eight snapper science a game. He still getting. He's had six targets last two weeks. And last week ninety. Yards and a touchdown. So i mean he's doing..

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