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Everybody I gotta tell you. Folks it looks like we've got a very exciting World. Series The American League is represented by the Cleveland Indians The National League. The. Florida, bar orlands it sure is exciting door yeah well certainly certainly? Is very. Now who do you like the series it's tough He's got the Marlins now that's an? Odd Basquiat Marla Yeah I guess it is of course town for the smartest, Fisher the, ocean Soared lacks now that'll carve your eye out not think twice, about it To this day if, I walk into a seafood restaurant and I see a on the wall, I just grabbed my wife Lean Fact of, course on the other, hand you have the Indians a group of untrustworthy savages Next thing you know they steal your land That's true well here. You're talking a lot? About the mascots now what. About the, players they, won't be a factor Hi jeff Room face to face with the. Marlins, now No matter where you go with the room it's follows your every. Move Rush I should. Know I used to hunt them really. Marlins no Indians I've. Got a whole closet full of scouts of home They're just collecting dust the government stopped by years ago Dollar A scout I guess it's, a simple yes or no question Well what this, after the World Series Baker break me so don't certainly Do you want to? Buy a scale. For that now I don't know Just take? My. Card. A give me. A call would you want to get serious okay thanks? Peruse through this What's that, a catalog of all. The scalps available Lord I got? All. Of them Apache assuming Got any mohawk in, there Mojo scalp I wouldn't. Be sitting here talking to you I've been relaxed Why is that.

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