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It comes to mind when you think about in second grade so it should go back to where you were. I was at mac elementary. I just moved from the arena. Ocean western stark school district. Now is in the orangeville school district. I was at macaluso elementary. Which if you're driving to louisiana and you cross over at ten your on ten you crossover Sixty two water burger to your right right there. That's about a mile from where i lived. We didn't have that whatever we had any of that. It was aruna right there. We had that love station. Whatever they had we'd go up there and by our baloney that's about all they had. They had a couple of bad processed. Meats maybe some bad hand when you see that that water burger on your right on your left is a place called tad's thatt's statute that just one of these big truck stops that corner right. There was our elementary school. football field. Was everything so there through fifth grade. But i want you to go back second grade. I want you to think about the school where you are. And if you can remember. The teachers names my second grade. Teachers name was ms williams around. Can you tell every teacher. You had all the way from kindergarten through high school. I can make my kids repeat it. Because i think it's important had misread had miss rieger had ms dixon had miss williams Ahead misread and mis misread third. Fourth grade was miss salzer. Asari sorry was miss colson. Fifth grade was missiles. Her sixth grade was miss. Roddy as homeroom seventh grade was ms perry and miss virtual. You get the point so you're at second grade at what. What elementary school were you in. Ramone co felt elementary was that how long was the bust. You got on what you guess you walk to school next door. You live next door to school. Always wanted to live next to school so but if you were to hop on a bus would you guess your bus would be about eighteen feet long or about forty feet long standard like like would you guess you could put forty kids on their eight. Four yuan a forty okay. you sure. i don't know if you remember. But at least in in orangeville they numbered two buses by the year of the bus and so by eighty two. You didn't want to get on bus six sixty because that many was from nineteen sixty six and there was no air conditioned on that. And i don't know how many of you remember this but you the the windows on those things where the bad windows. Whoever made those windows made a concession stand windows. Those windows were intended to give you a quick in your neck. Those win is windows. Were not intended to open and close. You remember. you had to pinch him and open but they would never close be off their hinges mostly because a bunch of kids were jacking with them all day and you would get to that window and you you try to get you a win if you got on early before the people you get to a seat you that signature. I sitting down. Put your head out because it was so on that damn bus and you try to get yourself to one of those windows. You get some fresh air while you were there. You might yell out. people they'd been wording. I see over kissing land leaky dirty dog. You sick and you'd harass people and you teach tell you get back into buzz and you were technically still in the bus. You remember you member anyway. I want you to think about what was on the menu in second grade and what item you liked the most. Was it the square. Pizza was it. The blue died burger. Was the french fries. They served oradea fries at. I don't know if they were technically around. Was the chocolate cake on thursday. That was a treat. Was it the chocolate mill that started at nonsense then went to ten and went twelve. Had missing kids on there. Was it the pinto beans. Came with. The burger and fries on thursday was a pizza day on friday. What was your item. School lunch was a big deal for me. And when Cayote our school with a guy. Gary steadily and years later gary bought and still runs g. T. he is effectively. The mayor of orange texas not not officially but he is the most influential person in town because he took that radio station that sleepy all radio station and he made it more important than the local newspaper in orange. And that's true story if you're going to get the news orange you're to get it from gary steadily who does the morning show ano- station at. Gt that is a true story and he keeps you up to date on. What whether tijuana is serving what tijuana need is a servant this weekend and what somebody else is doing this weekend and what football what teams are playing went. We went to state as twelve year olds. Ko gt this before. Gary owned kale. Gt sent a reporter up and reported on us. Every day we do interviews on the local so everybody back in orange was here in a bowl. We were big time. Let me tell you that was the deal that that was the deal anyway. We're talking about school lunch. Menus shirley q liquor enjoys my Love of the school menu did mining visit syracuse liquor with today school. Lunch menu okay. Elementary schools hamburg on a boy beats coin by itself shredded carrot and of salad and near who got cooking down there. Why they're gonna start children junior high school owner. This good chenier. The work down now. Pope barbecued ribs mustard. Greens potato salad onion rings and ice cold mile liquor glare junior high school food sound good and senior high schools as usual b. y. o. b. Enjoy your day and always remember eating healthy. That was just nasty. If y who eat a beat always forget the be welby is coming and then it just comes at you out of nowhere. Oh oh my grandmother. Ruth perry i posted about it on facebook. I don't think. I mentioned it on air but if i did i apologize. She lived almost one hundred. She lived to be ninety nine my grandfather who had never met past when she was forty and she she'd never worked so she had to go to work so she went to western start which she lived on hog street right around the corner. She went to western starting applied for a job and she became a lunch lady and for generations of kids. She made their lunches. I mean that was the lunch ladies. It was always somebody's grandmother will. That was my grandmother not at my school but it western star so if you went to western start up until about two thousand two thousand. Maybe she was your lunch. Lady ruth perry miss berry.

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