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Welcome back into tomorrow. I am dave gray blind. And i'm chris. Grave portion of into tomorrow is brought to you in part by blueberry podcasting. If you want to become a podcast you'll soon discover. The absence can be overwhelming blueberry. Makes it easy visit b. l. u. b. r. r. y. dot com dennis in slidell louisiana. Welcome into tomorrow can use google maps but on the truck driver. Google map sometimes sends me down roads that i shouldn't be on. Is there a good google maps out there and i would like to have one also showed radar so no word trainer okay. We'll take you go. And that's a great question dennis. It's important that you obviously travel on roads. You're allowed to be on Because of bridges overpasses maybe the road weakening. Br whatever the case So there are. Gps like apps made specifically for truckers. Look into something like hammer Truck map or trucker path. They're all designed for professional drivers. Like yourself with the kinds of needs and restrictions that everyday car drivers don't need to deal with like finding wait. Stations finding diesel and spotting the best prices and so forth and then we haven't seen any that incorporate a weather radar as a map overlay. So you may need to keep a weather app handy for that task but you should at least be able to enjoy routing that applies to the size and weight of your vehicle. You're driving and be able to find some extra information that applies to you and your needs without having to buy a physical truck. Gps garment diesel or rand mcnally. Pnd that true some of them can get a little bit pricey. But i use a simple free radar app on my phone all the time just to see where rain is coming in. I've done it when i've been driving as well and just kind of zoom out and you get a better idea but most good weather apps on any phone. These days will also give you detail about that. Of course my my first thought was. You're in a car. Just look out the window. But then i figured he's probably looking along his route so does like should i stop here and have a sandwich while the rain passes up ahead or drive through it and so does dennis. It was a good question. I thank you for participating on into tomorrow. Of course that qualifies him not qualifies. He wins automatically in the big summer. Giveaway eight hundred eight nine nine into or even better. Use the into tomorrow app. It's free get it on your phone participate and win bird. Hey let me ask you something. Would you see your three year. Old child on a window sill. Would you seat them beside a lit fireplace by the deep end of a pool. One last question. Would you see your child in a car seat. That's not correct for them car. Crashes are a leading killer of children ages one to thirteen secure their future seat them in the correct car seat. For more information visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat a message from the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council. Hi i'm bobby. Today's carbonic minute. It can't transform sows ear into a silk purse but designers can convert mules into automotive thoroughbreds. The question is can the mules keep pace with technology. The answer i come back when your battery goes dead everything could come to a stop. Don't take a chance on getting stranded. Stop by o'reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge. If your battery does need to be replaced. O'reilly autoparts can help you find the exact superstar battery that fits your car or truck. At guaranteed low price o'reilly auto parts better parts.

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