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Union member states. For example from yesterday to today I was translating from Portuguese Taliban and because if I people who started to request to understanding of order it was people who work for cessation Italy said Hey. How'd you do this? We Wanna read this order because apparently Italy has not opened up. Its services to immigrants Like Portugal who exactly are Portugal's imigrants? Monica where were they mostly from? The majority are from Brazil the vast majority and then you have immigrants from Romania from Ukraine and from China as well as from parts of Africa. It really seems like Portugal's trying to do the best for everybody who lives there As compared to the US right now. It's a stark contrast. We know that the federal bill the stimulus bill does not open the door to a lot of immigrants here in the United States. Basically if you want to access unemployment insurance if you want to access the cash rebate you know the talks that are supposed to be sent out you need a social security number that blocks a lot of access to relief for many many immigrants here in the United States. You don't have a social security number. Many of those who are also deemed essential workers at this time. The world's immigration editor Monica Campbell. Thanks very much for telling us about some of the some of the benefits opening up for immigrants in Portugal. Really appreciate it. You're welcome when something like a global pandemic hits. Everyone seems to agree. That's the time to set politics. Aside right yea right in Hungary. The government Viktor. Orban's has passed sweeping new powers to try and halt the cove in nineteen outbreak. But there are big concerns over what this all means for the future of Hungarian democracy. The world's ORLA Barry has our story when lawmakers in Hungary overwhelmingly to pass emergency laws to fight the corona virus. The Hungarian public should not have been surprised after all. It's been happening all across Europe. According to Tom Kovach he's a government spokesman The same centralized measures are in place in Italy. Spain in France in the Netherlands and other places so Hungary is not experimenting something special. These extraordinary measures the routine today all over the globe but there is a difference. Most countries in Europe have placed a time limit on emergency measures setting a certain date for new laws to be reviewed and maybe revoked but not Hungary that is extremely unusual and actually is the most concerning element Martha part. V is with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee a human rights group based in Budapest. She says new emergency measures in Hungary could go far beyond just protecting the public from the impact of the virus. The Hungarian government also under this emergency mandate can adopt basically any type of government decree. It can set aside laws. It contains laws. There is no sort of hard limits on the type of topics that these government decrease can touch on. Viktor Orban's government was hardly a beacon of democracy up to now but part. V says recent moves. Do not bode well for Hungary's future. I think there's quite a cause for alarm given how the Hungarian government in the past ten years has really been on a course of dismantling strong checks and balances and creating an environment which actually assist the executive branch of government to do its job with the least hindrance. In other words this is really about executive overreach but Kovac. The government spokesman dismisses that criticism Extraordinary Measures. The rights to rule by decree is confined to the area of fighting wireless. No other measures can be taken. It's temporary because parliament can revoke anytime and parliament remains operational. That's true revoking emergency lows however will take two thirds majority in parliament and the opposition parties in Hungary. Full very far short of that. It's not just the lack of a sunset clause that setting off alarm bells. There's also a new five-year prison term for anyone. Found guilty of spreading false information about the virus. Some worry that the real goal here is to silence dissent and stifle freedom of expression. Peter a day is with an independent media outlets in Budapest. Your turn on TV. And you'll see people calling for the arrests of reporters and editors and I think that will have a chilling effect. Even if people don't believe that they are going to get arrested. This will affect you if you hear on the news that people are calling for your arrest at Bull Affect you day wonders. What will happen? If journalists ask questions about Hungary's healthcare system which has been poorly funded during Orban's rule. European leaders are asking questions to and I'm particularly concerned with the situation. In Hungary. That's our slow Vondra. Line President of the European Commission which says it will examine political developments in Hungary emergency measures in the corona prices. Maybe necessary but these emergency measures have to be limited and very important they should be subject to regular scrutiny. We will take action as necessary as we have already done in the past but taking action against Hungary is complicated journalist. Peter our day says the e you could try to hold back funding. Hungary economy is reliant on EU money and subsidies and we are reliant on other economies. And if this could affect you subsidies hungry could be getting. I think that could possibly have effects on their policies but the reality is that any move like that would need the support of a you leaders at Hungary's neighbors like Poland are unlikely to go along because the Polish government fears. It could be next e you states are also struggling to cope with the curl virus themselves so if to Orban really is going for power grab. It's just one more headache. E You could do without for the world. I'm Waterbury in London. With the corona virus. Kids have questions lots of them in New Zealand. Children had a pressing concern for their prime minister to send. Our dern is the Easter bunny an essential worker it will be placed in our that we do consider both the tooth fairy. The Easter Bunny to be essential workers. The prime minister did add a caveat though the bunny and to ferry are pretty busy and also need to stay home with their own families just like the rest of us so sadly the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy may not have time to visit all the kids in New Zealand this year not to worry those said prime minister are dern. I have a bit of an idea that may be in lieu of the Bunny Bing over to make it to your home. You can create your own Easter hunt for the children in your neighborhood. Not Your Typical Easter Egg. Hunt no basket in hand. Got To keep the kids. Six feet apart. Can't have them diving for the same egg. Maybe drawer an Easter egg and pop it into your front window and help children in your neighborhood with their own. Easter egg hunt a smart way to distract children with the added benefit of no putrid smell from that one egg that the kid couldn't manage to find. Panama is taking some unusual steps to try and halt the spread of the corona virus. A gender based curfew women can leave the House on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays men on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays Sundays. Everyone must stay indoors. Chavez urines is a pediatric infectious disease specialist who is serving on the Advisory Commission for the Corona virus in Panama. Doctor says why did Panama Institute a curfew along gender lines when he's not based on set? The main strategy is to cut in half the relation of people in the streets so at the beginning we're started with the last number of the national identity car so let's say if if the last number was four people was allowed to leave the house for supermarkets or pharmacies between Dion Five. So when we saw that means that people were not everyday so we had to rely the best way to go dotting half so I mean was there another metric that you could've used to essentially divide the population in half like was gender. Just the most obvious one for the policeman control the city of people in the streets for example in Monday Wednesday Friday only women in the streets. I the other this man. So why not related to sex differentiation? You was only created gutting half the people in the streets. So I see Peru has also started gender-based curfew as well. How are these work aiming? What's your experience in Panama? Are you finding that it makes a meaningful difference? We believe that making it very because we see less people in the streets. What what is the current situation in terms of infection and mortality in Panama with cove in nineteen are you? Are you bothered by the numbers? Compared to other countries right now we have two thousand cases two point five percent mortality Panama International for sea and air for the region. So we have many stories coming to for business and for stories we have institute. A research institution hearing analogy very well known to rationalize call us east of research and they have mapped the whole genome of the virus and they have traced the first buyers enter the country. They dress to travel from Europe and then travels from us because we cut almost immediately all the traffic from China after that we have to decide to got all the traveling and she being taken out is the Panama Canal. Now closed. Isn't that glows. Chips can go through. But who is minimal amount of anime impersonal? Helping inside the sheet Zambia. Say is a urines as a pediatric infectious disease. Specialist and also on the Advisory Commission for the Corona virus in Panama. Doctor Thank you very much. Thanks to you. More than a third of the planet's population is under some form of a lockdown. Think about that about two and a half billion people indoors you know by now how tough it is to cram into small spaces with other people for weeks on end just in the nick of time. Here's the world's Bianca Hillier with some tips from two women who are spending a long time together in very tight quarters on purpose son of a sorby and Hilda. Following strong have lived separate but similar lives. The two women in their fifties have spent decades exploring opposite ends of the world the Antarctic and the Arctic. But now they couldn't be too much closer together. Hello IS THIS BIANCA. Cinnabar calling Silva who is Canadian and Hilda? Who's Norwegian called me from their one room wooden cabin in Saul barred a cluster of islands between Norway and the North Pole known for their rugged terrain of glaciers and frozen Tundra. The islands are home to more polar bears reindeer and Arctic foxes than people. It's closer than off and it's extreme. Even the self-proclaimed polar ambassadors have been there for seven months. If actually they won ninety six day one ninety-six of being isolated by choice for a good cause son of and Hilda our citizens scientists who teamed up with researchers to record whether patterns test new technologies for solar and wind energy and observe wildlife behavior in one of the most remote areas on the planet. They don't have any running water or electricity. And there's nobody to speak with but each other we're living in a very very small space in the mayes taping in in what we could call the living room and I'm sleeping in what we call the kitchen. The found a few tricks to cope with the closeness. I Hilde says to start the day on your own terms. We have a little. I'm in the morning when we're waiting for the house from okay. Temperatures and we're in HR bands and reading and writing. And Um slowly come alive and this is called little son of a says they consider this alone time to be almost sacred as they prepare for a full day of intense togetherness we try to things together and find the day to get her. It doesn't always happen because we're normal people. We both have feelings and mood just like with any relationship. Son of a says communication is key. We need something we asked for it. Like if we need the space or time or something we live in a world war sometimes. We're not used to doing that. We think that it's selfish to ask what we need. I think that's the most unselfish thing people could do right now. He'll also says. Make sure to make space for fun. Once the day's work is done. They always try to celebrate. We always have Friday night every night. They loved to listen to joss stone on their ipod or watch one of the few movies they brought with them on a hard drive and they always make dinner together because a lot of energy and the meal into the dinner and we always my handle. We tried to do something special every day. It's so important for both of us to be involved in things because one person does all the set up around a celebration of a Friday night dinner and the other one is not involved if not as Salvatori so the fact that we both participate in the creation of the celebration is a really big deal just like cove in nineteen is separating families around the world son of an Hilda haven't seen their loved ones in a long time son of told me it helps to talk about them. It's very important to celebrate the people that you can't spend time with bring them into the conversation at dinner. You know. Talk about the friend that you can't spend time with talk about the relationships in your life son. Hilda were supposed to head home to those relationships in early. May after two hundred seventy days together at their tiny cabin in the Tundra but because of cove in nineteen they like a lot of us are facing an uncertain future. Ships are no longer headed to their remote area. Son of a says. The trip home has been postponed. We're not sure where I'm going. Leave actually kind of like us. Some of the and Hilda don't know how long they're isolated lives will last but they know they have each other making difficult times much. Easier were stripped of all of our nouns and all of our conference from back home. But we're having the time of my life for the world I'm being Hillier at the world dot. Org.

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