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To be ready to you have to be ready to prevent it and to combat it when it happens so we have managed to. We have our league during the last month and we had that problem but we're willing to educate our but our funds also here in the states because we're having the problem here in the states we the mexican national team so we offer our help to to our for the reason. Why do you think you have the problem here in the states but not in mexico and i think it's communication we have to communicate this the jointly with the mets come for the russian We have to keep working in that communication with the media also In order to prevent it we have to be very clear. If i were funds continued doing this they can affect the national team in terms of the qualification to the world cup. And that's very serious so we have to keep calm. Indicating defense and my apologies. Michaela realize the president of league. I make john lewis says the president of the mexican soccer federation so you spoke with him and you saw the commitment and there have been many efforts by clubs. Kirk in the league is trying to radically that. Chand do you believe. Those efforts have been successful. Isolated efforts if you look at diga and what. They did a few years ago. You don't hear that chant. Sad that homophobic china. If you will that it is. I should say gun. India's a stadium. There's a reason for that and this is what worries me is. I asked mikhail why we hear here in the states for the mexican national team games but he seems to think they've radicalized the problem mexico. It worries me that we're gonna start labeling this a us problem those fans that go to the mexico games aren't fans the majority of them aren't fans that come across the border from mexico.

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