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Protests in Hong Kong do you think those warnings will carry any weight with Beijing with Mister see probably not much does this put the current moment because a Chinese well responded in mind your own business that they're they're some of the tension stemming from a for immigration policies United States the weight that the American handle some offer the essence of groups certainly that they gave us some Chinese kind of leverage or some kind of points in the nation to criticize United States this is in contrast to kinda yes ago American consider as a great model and the Chinese intellectuals very much inspired by western democracies but what happened you deposit twenty some years in the two thousand and eight financial crisis make it the American economic divide model become more questionable but in the recent a few years ways the American election and the Donald Trump and out what's going on United States that make us some of the Chinese leaders have a cynical about the US and about the west. that was the China analysts Chung Li's speaking to me from Washington DC Kamal alum Hey you have a reference to a couple of times it in during the the course of this program in China's influence in the region that you that you study do you see any any stop to this or or is this just going to continue. I think it's going to continue from the region it looks very different they will come the rise of China and China and training whether it's the Middle East all countries like Pakistan because for them they've seen decades of war destruction why less interference has not lead to anything good so they're like okay for reference points is Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria will thank you well shyness coming in with investment money they don't interfere in local politics are they still there is a balance China is also the cultural rise you know Chinese schools and universities are opening up in various parts of the region so in the from the region it looks very different it's seen as a positive and the negative and would you say that's why we really haven't seen many Muslim countries Muslim dominated countries criticizing China's activities in scenes yeah absolutely in fact in the letter a few months ago when the and the U. N. led to condemning China and that was not a single Muslim country on it which goes to show you it's it's real politics its business and they welcome China in that country so they don't want to criticize China Diane way down as we look to this seventieth anniversary that will be marked on Tuesday does this hold any residents for you. what do you think that China has a lot to be proud of and I can see that she's in pain would be very much inclined to cook. claimed the achievements achieved by China but also by himself by his administration and how he is the person to lead China into the next challenge as bad of what is interesting at specific year a China is a paradox because what they're celebrating as as much Communist Party as to celebrate capitalism that's how Communist Party had the chief such an amazing power in China by embracing capitalism and. that is provided to challenges what is for China to think of what kind of power China wants to be but also for the rest of the world how they cope with China we've seen them switching from cooperating to suspicion because the west is not quite sure how to deal with China thank you Diane way long it is fifty two minutes past the hour you're listening to weekend on the BBC world service I'm going to take a look at comic books and one in particular it's an audio comic book let's take a listen when you hear this sound. the panel has changed. cover the word unseen in bold letters slowly fading as the word and this. a woman's face young confidence focused this is off sauna the heroine of unseen. that's an excerpt.

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