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You can get a piece that helps you now. Then you should be open to it. But i really do believe that's up to these players to decide yes up to the players to put pressure on the front office to put them in a position where they can't say no to make the team better. Yeah i mean you need to. You need to have another great month and if you do then then it's on us to point to ownership Then then then we talk about you know you you. What are you gonna go for it. You know i mean because originally. Let's go back to the original plan. Remember when it was all about. Oh they're rebuilding for these years. This mean was supposed to be the window so then you can't not sell when the window still opening you're actually in contention and so i mean you're you're still two games under five hundred. You still have massive holes and who knows like to expect this. Maybe it does happen. And i hope for their sake. It thaws winker and castanos to be this. All year is not necessarily realistic. But there's other parts of the lineup that you should expect to re- to come to their mean as well you know sure and vodka is gonna come back and play tonight. New stock is going to eventually send l. Eventually you would. You would hope that. There's an injection of of production by getting those guys back because sandwich. However you feel about joey votto and however you feel about nixon zelen however you feel about monk newstalk as they are better with those guys collectively and i think they're better with all the offering those guys individually. I just wanna know who people are when they come out of the bullpen Like i just recognized the name and it not just be whoever they pulled out of. Whatever it's funny when baseball and i'll use baseball reference all the time to look at somebody's numbers and i keep it up on standby here in the studio just because if i quickly want to reference what a guys doing the problem is if you just look at the twenty twenty one page. They list everybody who appeared in a game and there are times where i'm like. I don't think that guy's here anymore. But his ryan hendrix and he'd hamburg. Okay they're not the same guy peres is he. He is he here now. I have a hard time with that. We need to use a different website. But you're right multiple times this year. A guys trudging from the bullpen. And i'm like kay. Where did he come from that rights and unfortunately it's usually not alex blandino at now. What do you do. What do you do without blandino. Now when it's seventeen to three exactly. Do we know the answer to them. Like freeman mike freeman. Still see the is he going to be the corresponding roster move. I don't know i'm just concerned about who's gonna mop up when you're down a dozen. They're wondering that. Joe emblematic of the fact that this team question that i'll leave you with. I know you have to kick me out of here is at. what point. do you start really dipping into your farm system and start going to bring up the big guns at some point if it doesn't come at the expense of their development. I'm one hundred percent on board dolo. Greens time like if we're going to slobber over the lights of kyle bodine derrick johnson and all these heavy minded people working on pitching. I'm going to defer to them. If organizationally those people go you what that guy could still be as good as we think and he can help. Now i'm on board. I am deferring to them. Yeah the delo owen. Green are both very very short on experience..

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