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I want to go through this one story in particular. So what does satire? Satire, in many different ways, is how we're able to interpret otherwise confusing events. It's the use of humor or irony or some form of exaggeration to expose or criticize people's stupidity. They're ignorance. Satire best done is when it's right on the edge. You're unable to decipher the news of the day from satire. Now there's a great website that does this Babylon bee. They've been getting a lot of notoriety lately well deserved. My friend Seth Dillon runs Babylon bee and does a phenomenal job. I mean, some of the headlines from Babylon bee speak for themselves, such as nation wishes we had our own oil we could dig up with big machines than could transport it around with some kind of pipeline. Or this one. Biden says gas prices are not his fault unless they go back down again. It's so close to the truth. You almost have to do a second glance. You have to do a double take. Is that satire, or is that news of the day? One of these stories that I saw this morning before I looked at the source, I couldn't tell if it was satire or whether it was actually a position of our government to try to solve a looming nuclear Holocaust that could be happening right now in Europe. Regardless of your opinion, what's happening in Russia and Ukraine, this is a 9 11 style moment in the sense that it's going to completely reconfigure the geopolitics in Europe for a generation. And when I saw this story, I said this has to be satire. This can't be true. There is no way that our government would actually do this. And that is, of course, in this should put all of your minds at ease everybody. This should give you a peace of mind that while there might be nuclear war lumen. Don't worry, we are sending our brightest, we are sending our best. To go negotiate and solve the looming border crisis, the Biden regime is sending. Camela, Harris.

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