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Daniel chet word was forced from his home in santa rosa he says his neighborhood was surrounded by an eerie light a wildfire as against a wall of smoke it slipped with very ominous glow of orange and broach all around you then as you get to the fire uh there are there arch better better jet um just being like a brief across the road of art from fire above all the brush being burned so many people called nine one one to report smoke officials are asking people to call only if they see unattended flames or having another emergency the sheriff in las vegas says his officers were prepared for a shooting scenarios like the one of the country music festival where forty fifty eight people were killed and hundreds wounded npr's laura walmsley reports the sheriff says he learned from attacks elsewhere that a shooter must be stopped as quickly as possible in an interview with cbs's sixty minutes clark county sheriff joseph lombardo said his officers were able to use their knowledge and training to respond quickly to the threat but team was really foiled acting on their own without supervisory direction and immediately address the threat to cease the action police arrived at the gunman's room twelve minutes after the shooting started lombardo says 12 minutes in a critical situation is a long time but he says when you step back gets a very short period of time for the get the intelligence put a team together go up thirty two floors and evaluate the situation lombardo says if not to the officers quick action a thousand people may have been killed.

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