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Up in the middle gets across the 25 and he stopped by Tanner ingle. If your Florida state now, you've got to be patient as an offense. You're used to big plays, but I think you're going to see two deep safeties for most of this drive as NC state wants to milk this clock and not give them a chance to hit over the top and hurt them with one big shot. Second and two again an empty backfield 5 wide receivers under three minutes to go the clock continues to run shotgun snap plenty of time for Travis, but he's going to be forced from the pocket a flag comes out as he's on the run trying to juke a defender comes down across the 30 for first down yardage, but again that flag came out early on that month. Yeah, Robert Scott left tackle, tackled the defender in the backfield there. And it's hard because Jordan Travis. It's hard when Jordan Travis breaks contain that close, his defenders reaching off. He's trying to make the play. You'd love to see Jordan Travis and these guys in the middle understand when they're rushing three, you got a chance to get two double teams on the offensive line. You gotta hit hard and clear out space in the middle so that Jordan Travis is more trying to cut up there where there's a lot of space right now as this defense is dropping back and playing drop 8 on most of these snaps. A game after compiling 11 penalties Florida statement ten for 100 yards today approaching two 30 on the clock in this game Florida state with second and 12 down by two against the number 14 team in the country, 5 wide empty backfield for Travis, who takes the shotgun snap drops back, throwing, lofting it up and cuts Johnny Wilson across the 45 to move the chains down the field a huge pickup for the Seminole

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