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In a vehicle on the shouldn't be on the registration yet by law has to be in. If you look through your front windshield it has to be a little a little tiny Strip on the dashboard It's usually listed I i think it is listed in most states in your in your The registration for the car it has to be listed there also It in so i. I mean something that when you're when you're buying a car if the person won't give you the number if you're looking on a website that in a marketplace whether they're private sellers are car lots or whatever if they don't show you a vin number for the car. Don't consider that car. It doesn't make any sense. These days for a seller not to disclose the vin number is so you can go look for recalls and also you can go wherever you wanna go. See if it's a bad accident history. Wanna make sure it hasn't been at an insurance company. Basically didn't effectively pay out the car as a total loss Send it to someone else. You've fixed up and that was put it back on the market because that's kars is gonna have problems with it. That database has a wealth of information for consumers and the number is kind of like a social security number of cars because it is specific to each vehicle. And that tells you the history of that vehicle although not everything is is there but most everything is because if a it's an accident and it's not reported by the person who repairs it than to the insurance company is not going to be in the database. But that does that also helps you to screen hopefully flood cars which you know we see them. Pardon the pun. Flooding the market after ad. Major a casual Finding in certain areas so anyway okay just give consumers again where they can go to find out this essential. In many cases the life saving information. Kevin sure it's the national highway transportation safety administration so it's in h. t. s. a. dot gov slash recalls or you can go to to our website checkbook dot org art..

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