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With a one hundred percent rating i don't think we have anything with a one hundred percent right but says four point nine on the one and then i guess one hundred percent with with would would give it to a french was kinda like nine i brazil on one hundred so i mean he is the world a forty on that and we're getting the book your your house like it was like his his his at that even that accurate i'd roll out somewhere like a thousand miles away and it was accurate i'm like man this is this is crazy how he did this show tells cows in is a is a smart guy he joins us now of via skype to get into the un it was a john birch society i first ever heard about the planned amelia lies cities and slowly bring the un n and that's all this his are they tried to bring in troops show national guard stabilize chicago this guy was that we don't want it and now prominent democrats are calling for the un to come in i'm not finger taking over i'm saying it's part longterm plan that loretta lynch talked about of having the unb the authority here with federal backing over policy just like unesco but trump is pulling us out of all that drill scowls and what is your expert analysis on this i think it's a pretty big development at least psychologically i think alex that this was a test case they're testing the waters to see how the public is going to react to this it's not going to go anywhere in my opinion because the chicago police chief himself said the un has no authority there how are they going to do anything they can't arrest anyone they can't round up you can't take control of the streets without authority and that can only be issued by the federal government give they invite the united nations near the nap would probably not even be constitutional or legal but in terms of constitutional law the state's fourcity governors let alone steady governments cannot make any agreement was four nations it's absolutely prohibited that's the rigs exclusive role of the country's countries.

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