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The Supreme Court has temporarily extended women's access to the abortion pill mifepristone until Friday. The justices are still considering whether to allow restrictions on the drug to take effect while a legal challenge to the medications FDA approval continues. The order has been signed by justice Samuel Alito that indicates the court now will act by Friday night. We'll have more on this coming up in a CBS News special report in just a few minutes stay with us. In other news, Virginia is working to clean up the state's voter rolls and election officials say they've discovered a huge number of dead people still registered as voters. I knew that there was something there. I didn't know that it was this big. That's the reaction from Virginia elections commissioner Susan beals after the state reviewed death records dating back to 1960 and found there were nearly 19,000 dead people still on the voter rolls. It was a computer coding error that missed between the date of the death being reported and the date of the death certificate. She says that's now being corrected and local registrars are being given new authority to remove someone's name in response to an obituary or a family's notification. Previously, they needed to have an official death certificate to do that. Nick and Ellie WTO P news. Where have all the people gone? Fairfax county says its population growth has slowed since 2020. Fairfax now reports the county's total population decreased in 2021, the first time the population shrank in fairfax since 1840. The report says it's unclear whether the shrinking is because of COVID or some long-term trend about 1.2 million people currently live in fairfax county

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