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That's what i was doing. And i was in london and i had one lift and i thought i don't want to waste this day and ended up going to the jungle in kelly and that's where all the refugees congregating trying to get to that best inner freedom england. Who said you can't come and i was with them and that were people just like may trying to build a new life. You know and. I can't talk of how terrible it was for people. It's the worst refugee situation or whatever saying and why what was wrong. What was what was going on there. That made a place so troublesome endanger it was an old it was an all to space to stump that had become a flood plain on which was living fifteen twenty thousand people now. Amenities really anything. The french authorities didn't want them. They had to go through lines and lines of buses filled with armed counterterrorism delays. All of that sort of stuff so it was an awful place. It was way at the forgotten of the world where they come from bill. What kind of laced. Africa united there was every nation on earth and every religion on earth there as well every every persecuted minority group. You could think of whether it's because class or religion or of Money whatever a lot of the miles young miles because the family had put together any money. They could said that. The fate of the family back home rested on these young miles and they were very very aware of that responsibility and so disparate. And i've always been a great great fan of the twelve step movement and found a sign which said anti narcotics anonymous meeting tonight. Did that mean there was a few drugs circulating through the camp. Now these were people trying to get off yes. A lot of them had been a construction because nothing much to do and these people were really struggling trying to get offered. And so i go into this group. And sitting. in the group there was probably twenty men and women of all different nationalities. And they were all telling the story which in the nfc tradition do an being translated into french. And i couldn't understand anything of it but were all the stores from the vices. So you could see the story and it went around the group and got to me and said. I'm bill from australia. And i said english english and i said now i can't get to england and then for some reason it all has and i said are. I'm bill from australia. And i've had to stuff marriages are set in. My kids have suffered..

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