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Condemned protests and violence on the far left in the far right before he was president. Why haven't we heard anything directly from him about the riots in Portland and the Pacific Northwest since he was inaugurated? Well, he's taking questions later this afternoon. So perhaps you will, I will say from here that President Biden condemns violence in any violence in the strongest possible terms, peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy. Spit smashing windows is not protesting, and neither is looming. And actions like these air totally unacceptable. And anyone who committed a crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent are teams, of course, monitoring it very closely. Well, everyone should be prosecuted to the full 16. Hey, Hello, Ryan. Mirrors Marion County Prosecutor Jo Hauksson. Hello. Hey, member that antifa Dude, that's stuck The gun in the motor space right near the interstate. That was on video. Could we send this audio over there to them because he's still roaming free. As far as I know, it's all just talk. They don't mean a word of what she just said. They don't mean any of it. And even when she's like, Oh, of course he's condemned in the strongest possible terms. Well, that you're actually not. He is not condemning it in the strongest possible terms. He's they're very busy talking about Orange Man and mag, a riots and all that stuff. They don't ever say anything about what continues to happen in Seattle and Tacoma in Portland. It's all over the place whole summer it was how Hope is our own governor said No. Pull the whole thing. Woz on there's bailouts for the writer Emily Harris literally raised bail money for these people. I don't know why they're trying to pretend like Of course, we condemn this violence. Of course he does in the strongest possible and you did you hear at the very beginning where she was super defensive. When Peter was like, how come we haven't heard from him directly? Well, maybe you will this afternoon. Maybe you will. Maybe you should ask him. You can tell that she's already irritated with one Peter Juicy. On becoming up in the next segment. Did you have something? Well, I just wanted to play a little clip for you. I know we're running a little long. But I knew this would be this particular your fancy.

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