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Guy never made it to the big leagues like i was a journeyman you know so should they have played it better. Yes but is it very possible that actually whatever they get for a compensatory pick and basically the second round next year will be better than i don't know a couple of sea level prospects that they would have gotten a couple of days ago. I think that's very possible. I don't think that's unreasonable anyway. Drew crispin joining us iraqis insider from. Dvr is all right so on the other side of things on the on the defensive side pitching side john gray was the big name there and that was the one i was really concerned. And i know. I'm a fan boy of john gray but just just trying to be analytical here. We've talked about it and said. Hey pitching is where you've got to build you got to build around the pitching trevor stories. Nice nolan earn auto. I get one of the best third baseman of all time. But if you don't got the pitching you're not gonna do anything and we talked about building continuing to build around gray What does the gray situation look like. I mean that seems like there's potential that a deal could get done and he could remain iraqi. Yeah and it looks like the most likely outcome to me. That was kind of the other really funny thing. These two things are happening at the same time. People were insisting on this narrative that trevor story proves that nobody wants to be a colorado rocky. But we're we're getting all these quotes from john gray about how i just wanna wear purple. I wanna be here for my whole career. This is where i wanna be. I wanna be iraqi rockies coming out and say we want john gray we wanna build around this starting pitching and i think that was actually the other bigger storyline and and a lot of people are against us and i totally understand what people have been saying. What is the rockies plan. They have no plan plan. more clearly. emerged over all of this and they basically said we're building around these starters. Were not gonna plan to be bad for the next couple of years and just tank everybody else. So we're going to build around these starters we're gonna signed free agent bats in the off season because we believe that we can improve our offense and we already have great starting pitching bullpens but all until things in sports in the bullpen has to be dramatically better. But you don't necessarily have to spend a ton of resources to make you feel better so well the rockies feel like their forever away from contending actually agree with their assessment that with this starting pitching group. They're not. They need some bath and they need some creative solutions in the bullpen. But with this group of starters with gray marquez freeland. Dahmer sends tele right behind them with peter lambert ryan roulston and us all eras like they've got top and talent. They've got depth. They've got guys who are used to it. We're talking about this on the podcast. The other day brady the rockies of never in their entire history had a group of veteran pitchers who all have experience of course field. I've ever and that's something to think about well. And what's interesting about this whole thing. And i know it's been frustrating. The nolan thing that trevor thing. But it's like you've kind kinda tried that and you put a lot of money into those areas and it didn't really work you've not as you just said you've never had this. Many collective pitcher starting pitchers that are better pretty damn solid. You've never had that and and freeland got off to a slow start because of the injury. So you've never had that before and i like the old saying you know if this doesn't work we'll go back to what wasn't working before exactly right exactly right but i i'd love to see them double down on this whole thing really go hard in the pitching. Yeah bring in some bats. But i do believe if they spend creatively in this off season they can get right back to being a decent team because it really does look at what they've done this year. Look at how terrible they feel like they should be but aren't did that make sense. Yeah i yeah and it's because of the starting pitching how many games they've been in. Even a lot of these games lost looking at last california trip. They could very easily have swept the dodgers in la. Now they dropped two of three. They won one and big fashion there late. But that's again. How far away are you really. Well when you have starting pitching of this caliber. You're not as far away as it steals You have to plug all of those other holes. You can't have great starting pitching and one of the worst bullpens ever and one of the worst offenses that your franchises ever put out there. That's the rockies. Are this year. But if you make a in fact i've seen them you can use the colorado rockies great pitching and a mediocre offense and bullpen can get to the postseason. You know how. I know that for sure they did it. In twenty seventeen and twenty eight eighteen. I watched them now. It's i tell you and this season to drew. And i know i know we're not dreaming big or anything but these next few games homestand here. Four hundred five hundred. You're you're i think i'm just looking at sixty five. That's all i'm looking at the over and under i've been i've been thinking about that all year because so many people are all. There's no way they'll even get close to sixty five sitting at forty six. You got plenty again. How and you got a nice little homestand against teams that maybe you match up well against in chicago and miami. Yeah for look i. i know. Some people are rooting for the higher draft. Pick But you know for people who just like winning baseball games one of the reasons. I was adamant throughout. These wouldn't clues one hundred. This year was one the starting pitching that we just talked about and to the probability that they weren't going to go all out sell. Tear down rebuild the way some of these other teams do. They've never done that. And there's mixed science about how successful that really can be worked for the astros and cubs not so much for the pirates in mariners. But you know the fact. That i was like they're not just going to get rid of everybody and other teams. Are she got the cubs whatever's left of them coming to town he got the nationals. No idea who plays on that team anymore. Like you know. And so if you like to win games that rockies up some very winnable ones And they've also been in improving team because of so much youth. Well some of these guys are like twenty seven years old but they've never played major league baseball before. So you know. Of course they were going gonna have their biggest ups and downs. Mostly the downs at the beginning of the season when they're still apple meeting to the level but i think they're in for a strong finish. I picked him seventy wins at the beginning of the year. And i'm feeling better and better about that every day. Honestly yeah well especially the last one. What three out of six or whatever. They're winning games now. So road trip man. Yeah feels like a victory. Feels like a world series at this point man with drew appreciate. You always man. What are you working for that we check out at dnv iraqis. Yeah just published actually right before coming on here. A big thing about rimal top surprising But the thing is here. I feel like i've written twenty five articles over the years and done so many podcasts about his bat and why it's a little different than people realize but this year he's been extraordinary defensively and on the basis and i lay it all out there. He's basically gone from a guy who is a net In those particular swamps to a guy who's major asset and that's a big development for him so that's the big one up right now. He took a gigantic leap. No doubt about it drew appreciate always man and we'll catch up with these soon. Thanks brady krugman. Dnv are rockies. Iraqis inside looks. Like mellow is going to the lakers. So man we're getting altogether mellow westbrook. Lebron just bringing all lakers over left and right old guys over left right to be on the lakers team. I'll read some texts when we come back i. Let's get the latest. Local sports flash. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Hi this is. Keri fry author journalist screenwriter. And you're listening to brady on the whole show.

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