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Fact astle ready using on official api until the dev moves to a new api level so current apt shouldn't be affected just going forward interesting that the graphic there by the way i pancakes was i was at slaney had it in real life uh yes insane going on here yeah oh it was that of this android p will also support the bluetooth h id device profile native louis room love that bluetooth support this i support for things like things a use of andhra devices a touchscreen input device for other device via bluetooth so as a pretty robust update the bluetooth so first off do you think dole announced that his android pie on march fourteen michael fisher yuna to think that the name will be pi or do i think that that the amounts will happen on the 14th or boats arrive yes now eight i can't see i think that of course i mean yeah i don't know i feel like pancakes is more funding philip iis i would really like to be surprised i would like some believe pochon pie you know make it something of just a little bit more flavor town were the i don't know it's the ah we'll get something on the 14th i'm okay yeah i feel like we're gonna see something of like i i mean the stars are lying aligning on this one and this seems like right for the picking for google you have something come out on the on the fourteen it's the right time of year compared to last year it starts with a letter p paya's delicious do i think that's going to be the official name of the next version of android no but i think it's a great way for them to launch the dove preview or the alfar whatever it ends up being saying hey and almost almost in googles way which they love to do kind of ribbing you along and saying hey were launching alpi day no correlation at all wink wink so i think we'll see it on pie day but i don't think it ultimately be android pie that's my miles what do you think.

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