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The delivery of lifesaving aid and medical supplies to millions of afghans must not be cut the u. n. health agency has said citing a threefold rise in the number of trauma cases according to the world health organization. Seventy the health facilities at support across afghanistan treated nearly fourteen thousand conflict related cases. Last month that compares with only four thousand and fifty seven cases senior a year ago sustained access to humanitarian assistance including essential. Health services and medical. Supplies is a critical lifeline. For millions of afghans must not be interrupted said dr amid madari the w eight show regional director for the eastern mediterranean the development comes as u n agencies repeated their commitment to stay and deliver assistance to those in need in afghanistan after the taliban secured the capital on sunday at a press conference in geneva. Un children's fund unicef said that eighteen million people in the country need aid assistance and one in three children is expected to be severely malnourished. This year his the agency's chief of filled operations and emergency mustapha. Ben massoud speaking from kabul on tuesday derek impacts office Inviting direct impact is civilian memorised. Children have seen injured in such a way that it's difficult to describe young children as young as ten month.

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