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I loved station 11, and I know that it is controversial, but I really liked the glass hotel. A lot of people hated the glass host. The I read station 11, but I haven't read the glass hotel. It was the follow-up, and I think there are a lot of expectations. And I think a lot of people hated it. It's not at all like station 11. Huh. I was kind of on the fence of station 11, but I also read it mid 2021. Oh, not the right time. Yeah, I didn't realize when I got it. What it was about, and I was like, oh, okay, we're doing this, but beautiful writing. See a tranquility is interesting so far. I'm reading it at night, and I find that every time I start reading it, I'm like, wait, what's happening? But yeah, we'll see how it goes. And then finally, the one I'm kind of most excited about, I started flying solo by Linda Holmes, who wrote EV Drake starts over, which I haven't read. Did you read that? Yes. So that book is so special to me because it was the book that broke me out of my pandemic reading rut. And I owned it for over a year, and it had just sat on my shelf, and I was not excited about it based on the description. I was like, I don't care. And I adored it. And so then when we were talking about books, we wanted to call in, you kind of poo pooed flying solo and you were like, well, if you want it, we can read it, but I don't know how I feel. So I'm delighted that you love it. I don't remember doing that. I guess based on the description it's not something I would necessarily go for, but I'm loving it. It's so fun. And I just, yeah, it's really, I find it very comforting and soothing and I also really love that the main character is in her 40s. And also just the author just randomly worked in that she was plus size, but it's not a plot point at all. It's like never mentioned. And I kind of love that because I don't know. I feel like as a culture, we kind of just read things, assuming people are thin, which is ridiculous, but yeah, anyway, I love that it's not a plot point and it's just a detail and she's an interesting character with an interesting life and I'm really enjoying it. Okay, enough about me and 5000 books. What about you? Well, I have four too. So I read the roughest draft by Emily wimberly and Austin Sigmund broca. I had higher expectations for this one than it delivered. It's a RomCom about a writing duo who has written this chart topping bestseller and then broken up as a writing duo for unknown reasons and they're enlisted by their publisher to deliver on the second book in their contract, even though they now hate each other. And so they go to Florida on this writing retreat to do it. I thought it was also interesting that the authors are a husband and wife. I didn't love it. Oh gosh. Yeah. The idea of writing something with my partner just made me want to, oh, wow, good for them, but. I didn't love this. Okay. I did. That's a bummer. I almost didn't finish it. And then I kind of hate finished the last third of it. Darn. So not a recommend. I read project Hail Mary, which I obviously loved. I read cover story by Susan rigetti. I think that's how you say her last name. I'm not positive. I tore through this in one sitting. It is almost as if she took Elizabeth Holmes Anna delvey and Caroline Calloway and smashed them together into one super scammer. So it's about a scammer who is taking advantage. It's told from the perspective of her mark, I guess, that she's taking advantage of who is an intern at Elle magazine. And that's where they meet the scammers like an editor at large there. And get sucked in and drama unfolds. I loved this. It was really interestingly told too it was all told through emails, FBI records, slack messages, Instagram posts, and diary entries. And for the first 50 pages, I was like, oh, it's a little too simplistic. I don't think I'm gonna like this, but once it really started to get going, like, devoured. Huh. Okay, it's in my pile, so I definitely will pick that up soon. It was great. I think you'll like it. I do love scammers. And then I read how to fake it in Hollywood by Eva wilder, which comes out in June. And Claire mazer, who is my soulmate in celebrity normal people romance reading, told me that she liked this even better than funny you should ask by Alyssa assessment. And so I read this, I was really excited for it. And I liked it better for the first half and then the second half kind of fell apart for me. And I ended up not loving it that much. So this is a fake dating. It's a struggling up and coming actress gets into a PR relationship with kind of like a Ben Affleck if Matt Damon had died. So it's like a famous actor who was part of a fame, like an a list duo, but like the other half of the duo has died and now he's gone into like depression. I got what you meant immediately. So great description. It was just very specific. Yeah. And I didn't, I don't know. It didn't end up being better for me. Okay. But on that note, should we tell people what our may book is? Yes, you can do the honors. So we're going to read funny you should ask by Alyssa sussman. So just doing my diligence here to make sure it was the best celebrity normal person romance of the current of the current times. I was delighted by this book. It is about a journalist who goes to interview an a list celebrity who's about to star in his breakout role for a magazine profile. And it's told in two timelines, the first timeline is when she's writing the profile for the first time, and then the second timeline is ten years later when he's become a big star and then also kind of become disgraced and she's writing a follow-up profile on the ten year anniversary..

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