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Is that how many laws are on the books about having the government having control over male bodies, he can think of anything because there aren't any. It's only about women, and so she was trying to point out, but you know. I think I know I keep going back to awareness, but having differences of opinion, even if they're fact-based. Well, actually, pro-life pro-choice, it's hard. I know. So that's one issue. Why? I'm so in the middle? Yeah, and I, it's hard 'cause I see both sides. I really honest 'cause I've looked until I used to be super pro choice like you're an asshole, get out of women's, but now I get it. I get why you upset parent. You're a parent that anything do? I think I really started listening to their side. I think for so long, I blocked right rhetoric to where I was like. They're just assholes. Give me give me your argument. What do you see. Okay. Okay. What's your opinion? Right. So my opinion is if it's not my body, I don't have a say, so. Just period. Yeah, but do I see somebody saying that a potential life can be had if you don't aboard it? Yeah. Yeah, I do. And so the government arguments said, should the government intervening in those affairs? Well, with the with the government intervene, if I was trying to kill another man, that's how they see it. I don't see it like that, but that's how they see it. So so you know, it really got me to see it like this was a Louis c. k. and he's, he's literally super left wing, but he had a joke about it and he was like. He says something to the likes of he's a, it's not just like a simple issue is like the other side thinks you're killing a baby kind of killing a baby. It's a really tough issue. And so it's. It's so polarizing because there's so much emotions involved in it. And that's, that's when I say, okay, it's not my choice because it's so emotionally people are so emotionally invested in and I'm not. I just see both is I understand that and I understand that's probably the one political issue on like the right and the left have it correct. And this duality of life. Yeah, and I can't. I can't call it. Well, I agree. I think people there are many women who may not ever have an abortion themselves. They just don't believe in being able to dictate other other women. I would probably, yeah. And I know like the small very small percentage of women raped in our impregnated, but it's still there. I think that option should be available for somebody. Yeah, we should never have to give birth to a child that was forced in Saudi. That's insane. But it's just. But then that stuff. That's how could have came out and pin an amazing human knows man. It's a such. A tough is such a tough issue. That's that's one I've spent a lot of time thinking about, you know, I do wonder how many of us would be here because we know in wars that have been going on since the beginning of time, it's always a women who are raped. And so I'm sure many of them got pregnant and who knows what we can trace our own genetics back to. I mean, a lot of lot of black people in this country today are byproducts of the raping of slave slave master. Yeah, it's a real. It's a real thing. I always always think about it like we have DNA testing back then. So whoever you think your family is part of like is big possibility that I was thought like when. Men would go off to war, women price let the round back then and so they they weren't any other men. That'd be..

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