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All the while. I'm ready for a little while rented, eleborate outdoors camouflage clothing. Don't wear stuff anymore. Go back to real treatable. I'm an optimist rashes, always half full. I don't think to make another drink 'cause I'm happy empty over here. But it life, and I'm an optimistic person glasses half-full, right figured this. You know? We'll see of sudden, I turn it key. I know you're probably not a religious person as am I and I'm gonna tell you there may be a God. Because that motherfucker started spending a rotisserie, chicken and kicked off. It was the fucking miracle was going to say I notice he didn't call me for any automotive help out savvy. I am with stuff. Yet. Don't give me this. Out of myself. Well, you have some problems, right? Did it just a litany of problems? I mean, the I I was letting my my helper smy workers drive the Ford, and I was popping around in the dodge. And I told you he rear ended another truck on his way to the landfill. Boy ahead driving. I got that phone call and they hit only gone like four hundred dollars down the street. We're still on the same street. So I pull up and he comes running over to many goes. Hey, man. It's okay. He's not gonna call the cops. And I'm like, all right. So, you know, I walk up, you know, saying, hey, MENA all take care of everything my card and the guys like three sheets to the wind will shit. No wonder he doesn't want to call the cops. Pristine ninety five single cab Ford f one fifty that. I'm so proud of that. I haven't washed in about four years because I don't give a shit. You know now now has a big crease in the grill in the front bumper. So I figure it's time to put the dodge. And because that started rattling, and my mechanic said, well, you know, with the mileage it's got on. It's probably the timing chain. Choi drop that off and then I started driving the work truck. And dude you step on the breaks and the God damn steering wheel was going about six inches to the left them six inches to the right like nine o'clock, three o'clock, three o'clock when you step on the breaks. And I'm like what the fuck, and you can feel the front end shaking. And I'm like Troy, why didn't you say something? He's like do gold just figured, you know, that was you know, that was normal for it. I'm like, that's the way it is. You know, but I hadn't driven a long so two thousand dollars later. My dodge come on dodge down the shop, and I jump in it. And that thing sounds like it's running on about four cylinders. I'm like this. This is worse than when I brought it in will just driving around little bit. It'll it'll probably work its way out probably workers out. So of course, then I dump the. That one. Yeah. Dumped afford in and say, hey, you know, what this things, you know, pulling when I break it shaken. You know, just do what you gotta do. You know, you you step on the break in theory. You shouldn't have about five inches of travel before those breaks grab whole, you know. So I'm like dude just work at do your do your stuff, and I'll try to drive the clunk out of this dodge well shit. I drive that thing for about four days. And I call my mechanic, just matter in hell, I'm like do this this things this ain't going to do it. We'll come come get your Ford, man, you're ready to go. So make the swap drop it back off. He's got it for two and a half weeks. And he finally calls me up. And he says we'll man we we did this. We did that come get it. So I go and pick it up and it still doing the same thing, and he's hike eighty that's that's pretty much the best I can do. But you don't own me anything for all the work that we've done. Yeah. So it's like. How do you hear south Texas mechanic give you that land? Want to work on this thing.

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