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We're talking about generating more money. We're talking about generating more income whether the market's going up down or sideways, we were talking about how much the market had dropped a little bit ago. You know, it's been about week or so since we had the big drop in the markets. But when you look at those opportunities, they are they are that they are opportunities to generate into give generate more income and essentially give yourself a raise. And it really is important to remember that the more the money is made on the way down just like the money is made on the way up. And so really we wiped out number one we wiped out three months worth of gains on this last market drop. If we didn't know how to make money as the markets were falling if you do know how to make money as the marks were going down. If you have that skill. You're able to generate as much money in a week as over the last three months combined. So it ends up being these great opportunities as one of the reasons why whenever we have a market crash. There's a new wave of billionaires that come out of it. Yes billion. With a B right billion with a B come out of it. And a lot of times they're looked at as a as not. So they're at with not such a pleasant light. We could say because when they made all that money. A lot of people were losing money. Now a lot of people were losing money in there. And those are individuals though, who look at a down market as a bad thing. Now, these individuals that were turning themselves in from millionaires and billionaires they were looking at a down market as an opportunity they had that skill set. They had that knowledge they knew how to approach that downmarket. So think about a job if you had a job where you got laid off one third of the time that wouldn't be a very consistent stream of income. But a lot of times with the bullish bias with only making money is the markets are going up. That's kind of the situation. Our income in retirement accounts are in if we're reliant on just one simple direction, the markets, go up down or sideways, and if we only make money when the market goes up. Well, there's two thirds of the time two thirds of the direction where we're essentially laid off or were not allowed to go to work. And so that's one of the reasons why it's very. Difficult to follow kind of that. Classic. Just simple bullish bias and have consistent growth. You look over the last nine ten years. We've had this great bullish move. But how much opportunity has been lost on those down opportunities. How much opportunity was given back in two thousand eight when the market crashed. And if we don't have that skill set going forward this could be the beginning of this next big downturn where we could give back fifty or sixty percent of our retirement account. How about instead of that instead of going through that process, again, how about we understand how to make money if the markets are going down we start doubling up on this stuff. No, absolutely. You know, it's funny because one of the things that most pulled understand they start trading on their own and they make mistakes all the time. And here's why the number one mistake. Most people make in their lives when it comes to trading is they want to try it on their own first, and then maybe get some educational a bit later on. Well, here's the problem that most people don't understand five percent of the wealth. Right now is being shared by ninety five percent of the population. Where ninety five percent of the wealth is shared by five percent of the people. So that means. Means there's five percent of us who understood the right way to trade how to make money and what's really scary right now. And I talked to a lot of students is I asked him a simple question. Do you work for more money or does money work for you? And most people are working for more money. They always believe that they're going to get ahead if they're gonna find their freedom, and let's face it people who start trading or people looking for multiple streams of income and most millionaires we discussed this Ryan have on an average five income streams they're doing so not because they're working harder. They're working smarter. They're figuring out how to work, right? And what that simply means is if there's a way to learn how to generate income without having to put more effort, that's the best way to do it. And most of the time people don't understand that trading system. What's the system? It stands for save yourself stress time, energy and money. If you learn how from professionals to do things the right way. There's no reason why you can't be generating income. Come as well, most people either don't know how to do this or are afraid to do this. And honestly, they keep going out there in thinking that they're going to attain freedom by working more and more. Well, most people I talked to my students give you an example MC MC used to work in the workplace. He quit. He wanted to work for himself. He wanted more time with his family. Well, if you can learn a skill that will allow you to make money the same way, the banks do.

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