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Vpn fine young cannibals guy. I wanna see what that guy looks like in that actor now. I don't know how old max pat how old the actor was who played. The younger version of him. Has that the young version of the fine young cannibals guy and and our guy would be. How old was the actor who played Young young vin. Yeah it's the same dude. It looks like the same dude. So i was just sitting there. Of course. I couldn't say anything to sonny. Because he didn't know he doesn't know wasn't the guy from finance cannibals also in another band republic something right now i don't i don't check now. I don't think that guy was in that band. So young dom was played by vinnie bennett. Then a new zealand actor new zealand on sunday dubbed the voice. And he's twenty eight now so he was twenty five when he filmed it. Yeah so it seemed a little little. Yeah wait. I think the dude from the fine young cannibals may be from new zealand or some version australian new zealand. He's not american. Now you bring it. This is what threw me off. This is what really threw me off was in the movie. This young vin character. They gave him like the buzz cut like he was already losing the hair right. Why wouldn't young then have loved his huge thick hair at the day. Those guys i know who are bald. Now were hanging onto it as well so i say lifelock long but with the little spot in the middle like you know like the scarlet. Why wouldn't he. Why would he already be throwing in the towel at. Let's say he was supposed to be nineteen or twenty or twenty one. obviously they had. They couldn't have made them fifteen years old because he goes to jail so he has to be at least eighteen. So where's the eighteen year old version of him and the whatever the fifteen year old or sixteen year old john seen like. Why does he have to be twenty five twenty eight now and then the young john seen wonder how old he was. Well i we can figure out where the fine young cannibals or from british. Oh he's that makes sense Yeah so again much better for that guy than for vin. I don't it They i liked the origin story. Part of the whole thing. I just would have been if i was in. That writer's room i would have been Yeah but we can't have an adult vin diesel. We need at adolescent vin. Devenir thirteen-year-old de then they'd say wouldn't go to jail well some sort of juvie or tried as an adult that he added. They'll yeah because he killed the man. He beat them right and tried as an adult or some version. Yeah also don't know if that was the right wrench when you go back to the first movie. And he's like and i grabbed a wrench and then this one he grabbed like a. What do you call the. He had the big adjustable for the now wasn't no. He didn't have a crescent wrench. Oh like a monkey wrench hyperion. Yeah yeah what wouldn't really be using on the cars. Sometimes you have some galvez fittings. You'll have some galvanize fitting or your boss. I don't know they couldn't have just grabbed a wrench or even a torque wrench like a big socket or something but instead they grabbed the one thing you would use other car you'd use it underneath. A sink bumped sunny as well as well. It's big and it's fine. The speed core charter tantrum was in the movie. And then the that was the that was the mid engine charging always when he was driving out in the nicer charger. And it said tantrum on the back and then the mid engine one. I don't know if the one in the film was the speed core one but speed core also has a mid engine one. that's exactly the same so Probably modelled it off of that car cards amid engine charge but they obviously too big custom-made thing and it's got a hell cat engine it magma flow. Yeah so little hemi under glass. It's funny anyone is probably had a resto. Mod would probably tell you that. That is a bad caper car. Yeah you know what i mean like what. You'd probably one is just a you. Know like a brand new bone stock. Denali like for doing caper terms of not overheating. Right and they so custom fuel young brian. The kid he's like the chargers the best car ever. He's like this. The most beautiful car ever made and there was a good mix of cars. And i don't know how john seen fit into a toyota supra a modern day toyota supra. That's what he gets in there and all of a sudden he's like all bunched up. I don't know how you fit. And they are and then the magnet thing. Yeah that was the big thing right. So they had these magnets like you know like a big electro magnets and it worked in the film but in my mind. I'm like none of this would work. That cars are driving our metal every time you turn that magnet on. What does it do to even the your. If it's that strong pull a car through a building. what's it doing to the pistons in your engine moving up and you're you're hoping the pistons are all aluminum. Well they are but the rods may not but what does it do to the coil right like your mission them you know and i kept thinking the coils not going to survive the. There's there's some issues young. John seen actors twenty five now john sina actor young young john zena so the young vin diesel and the young john. Cena were both twenty-five wants twenty eight. Oh he's twenty five now. Yeah okay all right so that makes it all right. Well let's the movie four times fun. Roman squeaky doors clogs sinks finicky engines. When something breaks you take care of it. But when something's off in the bedroom try.

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