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To as poor star. Why is your website? Up. Hey to watch a video to get her sports opinions to get her kind of insight into the hockey world. That's what every guy wants from me Khalifa illegally. Seventy seven five seventy five. It does say she's eleven born American social media personality commentator and webcam model. Yeah. I bet she's got people that stay up on that Wikipedia editing page all day. Are you still man? You are the man Diana are pissed off a nice lady. Don't enable me what I wasn't. I wasn't supposed to mention the fact that she's a former porn star power. You supposed to know? Dude. I'm supposed to be psychic. And know what ladies are sensitive about this. Apparently, I appreciate a man. And the best part is she was a girl girl porn star. Because it says right here. She's lebanese. Thank you any that guy. Would appreciate that. Not you jerks, but that guy well, we're morning right now because you know, like, I said we're all hoping for I'm just trying to figure out my response. There's no more. I don't I think John a much like you. I have the deal with a very high maintenance. You can understand. Hey, what's up, dude? Thanks, man. I was one of the would this week. Football Friday about the events. Transpired today. Your whole mix tape to describe what happened today on today's show finding out about George Michael finding out that it'd be a Khalifa's very embarrassed about the Weiner that she took. I got a lot to rap about. So yes, thank you seven two seven five seven nine one zero two five. You can talk to Cogan, but no wrestling indefinitely. None of the. What'd you get another? Okay. Yeah, I'm good. Do you think people were talking about? If we did a good straight interview with me leafy. Do you think people would be today? It would have taken a longer time for its influence to to really hit. But I don't think people are ready for a one on one with you. And me, I think I think we're getting them ready. I think this is all just a build until wrestlemanias here in a couple of years, and then you can hurt and come back together. You know, me, dude. I'm always open to to mending fences. Maybe I'll take it back on ticket back for a porn star Thursday. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Youtuber to live who are you celebrity chef. Hello. Hi, rooster network. Are you? I'm I'm Melissa nice to meet you elicit, drew Grabow here. Yes. I just wanted to comment that this whole porn industry pave her way to her fame and all of her. See that's what that's what the Phallo Centric world wants you to think what actually happened was her path to become a youtuber and sports personality happened to have a pitfall in it. And that pitfall was the few months spent getting very acquainted with various strangers wieners. Now. She would like us to whitewash that much like those men whitewashed her face. But we. But we cannot do that. Because we are human beings who don't judge porn stars. But once you were in a porno, and you're the number one ranked porno lady on porn hub. I think it's okay to say former porn star thought. I I agree. I agree. She just needs to own that interstate. Yeah. Come a long way from that. Now doing this. And. You're a bright and classy lady and she's an angry YouTubers. What about what about the what about when you were standing at the time with Mary? Carey regret that I regret up the NBA player regret. Not who's just there to watch the playoff Bach. I regret nothing. I regret. Absolutely nothing. I am. So glad things unfolded the way they did. Because I don't want to hear some doctor go will did is we went in through the bottom of the boob fleet at amigo on you. And then he goes, and then we went around and the danger was inside the threat Doak. That's exactly what you do. Youtuber Bertha the sporting events. The euro load. Tuxedo? Are you are you goofy? Little wacky seventy seven five seven nine five. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ooh. Have you all realized that she prostitutes herself out there? Football players know, I don't know nothing about no prostitution seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five and eight hundred seventy seven. If you're looking for it. If you want to know exactly how it looked in the room. Joey flash just posted it up on Twitter. I just read tweeted at the Johns sending with the full unedited audio. Seventy seven five seven nine hundred eighty five not listening. John Brennan says but saw on Twitter Mia Khalifa went all Rick Schroder on you bummer. I was hoping you'd be friends. I guess you can't call Rick Schroder, Ricky Schroder Rick Schroder. Ricky, Ben my buddy Norman says he can get us an interview with Dale junior. But we're not allowed to talk about racing or his dad. Hey, how are you doing today? Drew? What's up, buddy? Well, much, right? Clouds on this guy. How is this woman? Gotta sit here and say that we are on educated in a Florida system. And she's just a member with with bolt on gonna sit there and use your body to to go and see. And and make our way through something. You can't ask her. She's using her brain. She used to use her hands and mouth. Now, she uses her brain and her mouth, and she expresses her thoughts darn it. And that's her worth. Okay. You don't know her from porn? You just think, you know, her from porn, da. Oh, I know for porno, you know, her for her insight on the third line of the Saint Louis blues, you know, her for her opinion on the Philadelphia Flyers four check you don't know her from three dudes surrounding her and debasing her and filthy ways. You think that you do, but you don't know more than two. There was only two guys, you know, her because she thinks the infield fly rule a designated hitter should be outlawed. She's right. That's how you you know, me Khalifa. See the sad thing about me, a Cleveland, I o John as a fan of her work will catch this her movies. You could tell she did not want to be there. It was it was borderline sad to do it. They're not. And she says it she probably would have said that if given the chance that she was not good at porn is you really was. She wasn't in porn, so youtuber. She's a sports personality. She was not important, Mr. network out. This doesn't change the way because you know, I get up in the. I check her Instagram stories earner. Realizes who you are earner. But her boyfriend, you never they're very cute together. He's a famous chef, and you know. Looks like he cooked up a big old piece of sensitivity. Pod today. Grab a live. But before you say a word, I wouldn't let you do not to mention at times I used to last girls before I came out. Don't bring that up or I will I will start curse it. You'll get a big fat. Check. Thank you. I just want to correct you on something. You said you said that she took a couple wieners was multiple multiple Weiner. So I'm very familiar with her work from before, you know, before I came out. I'm not allowed to mention that. But thank you very much. I appreciate that seventy seven five seven nine hundred five and eight hundred seven seven one one or two five. Those fun. I honestly found that enjoy. I mean, I hate that kind of thing Jack Harris in and even mea for the short time. We did it's been a it's been a good day. Mickley falls known as Mia Kalisa is a Lebanese-born American social media personality, sports commentator and webcam model formerly best known for performing. Formerly best known for performing as a pornographic actress from two thousand fourteen to two thousand fifteen formerly known, but you're still known as that you might want to be formerly known as that. But get your facts straight. Seventy seven five seven nine hundred thousand five so many people call in about this to John you wanna do some joints. When we get back. Do you feel like whatever you can? It's beneath this. Nothing's been with us. Hey, what's up? Do. I do. Hey, man. I've been listening to you, which I moved down from New York. And you got a great show, and everything you have you had me my sales team on the floor laughing out loud. Bounce stuff just show Mandal. Thanks. I know you might have a little bit of like a new moment when concert. Certain identifying everything you're right. Oh my God. That was hands down the funniest thing that made her whole. I appreciate that you tell those guys to make more outbound phone calls and to get on the hustle border. Right. Thank you for the call. You know, you have a good weekend keep smiling and dial a got another Email. That's that sound that we heard. Yeah. Does it refer tweet you've received three straight emails, and you have not responded to one of them. But he keeps emailing you, John, correct? The last one was asked would the station posted an apology on Twitter. I believe it would stem some of the anger. She is now expressing and and you got one more recent. It's got I just got one seconds ago. And we'll have that when we come back with more live. Safetouch wants to put a home security system in your home. And they want to do it. Right. They want you and your family to know that when you are in your castle that you are safe without even a moat filled with flesh, hungry crocodiles surrounding it. What you have. Instead is a SafeTouch two-way communicator that'll get faster emergency response to your home. Because the verified alarms and it will reduce the possibility of false.

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