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Monday sunrise 6 53 what could possibly go wrong? Well, let's check the roadways and find out Laurie Grandi is here with a look at the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Well, first off, Jeff, we do have Slow moving traffic on Route three. It's South that it starts to get slowed by route 62 that continues to 1 28 in Burlington. Also on 1 28. It south. There's a disabled vehicle to watch out for it is in the breakdown lane. What 28 North Bend in Lynnfield, right by Salem Street as check out the situation on the expressway now, with David struggling now with the WBC news, radio traffic copter For Monday morning. It could actually be a lot worse. It begins to get a little busy after it's built in square but not terrible. It's just a heavy and slow volume from there through Savin Hill and past Columbia Road, but that's about it clear from there into downtown. David Straka Lino WBC news radio traffic copter. And we are still dealing with that situation with the water Main break, which is really bad on a day that it's so cold out there some slippery conditions. Revere Beach Parkway West on just before Route one and Revere the right hand. Lane is blocked off there. And now the Tobin is slow going because of all the volume on that lever connector down rap coming off a 93 getting onto store or drive. It's impacting the loop ramp coming off the Tobin Bridge and still some pretty tough delays. About a half an hour now for train 7500 on the Framingham Wooster commuter rail line. Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Let's take a look at the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast Now here's meteorologist Dean DeVore. All right group going to be a sun glare. Start this morning or ah solar glare.

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