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Ten fifty five the time. Thanks for being with us. It's been a fun week. Learned a lot. Got to a lot of topics in this week. as we do at this time every single friday. Let's get a weekend review. Air new tell with the fort collins. Colorado wanted people that we focus on and featured in the project Her order last strap he like. I mentioned He's the patriarch of this family and in northern fort collins and he got leveled by covid nineteen but he made it through He is going to have health issues for a very long time. And he's Now in a wheelchair but when he came home from the hospital in may he was confined to a hospital. Family had moved into their home. And so You know whose family you know cried as they as they described to us those early days and and how it's been tough on their family but they also laugh beneath lighter moments constant humor and things and They're really looking forward to moving forward line of the fort collins car out on. Yeah and this is. This is where it's tough and I guess i'm on the side of i understand that those are forfeits because like they would the only mount west theory that didn't play but not because of cova issue bike in new mexico basically opted to not play which So i can totally understand why that's a forfeit and why fangio state and now we're not we're not like we were to go and they just chose not to show. Which is you know. basically what happened. Chris would editor publisher with biz west. While i think. I think that's the dangerous especially with retail and and we've seen some transition You know be a year or two before before. Covid if you look in greeley The owners of macy's macy's announced that they were going to close the boulder store and converted to office space. And that proposal is still ongoing. I think they'll maintain a small amount of retail. Not a macy's store So that that trend is continuing and a lot of these properties Can be much more valuable especially with residential shawn chambers director of water and sewer. We're going to continue to break that up and try and get away from being so technical and share that information. More broadly with the general public as we work to then Develop more engineering around the project. In terms of like how does the infrastructure get laid out where the pipeline routes look like. What is right away. Acquisition and easement look black and start talking to landowners herself. So those are some Previews of what. The next seven learned a lot been a very fun week. We appreciate everybody for joining us every single day from nine to eleven. The winner of funny. Friday is chad. Chad is going to win it with an old man at the bank asked to check his balance so i pushed him over. That's the winner for funny friday. We back at it next week. Hey don't forget let's have a beer podcast my first addition of that podcast releases. Sunday morning. mike freeman. I sit down fifty seven minutes of uncensored just straight through casual conversation. We learn a lot with mike so look forward to that on sunday. That will release. Then we'll be back on monday. Make sure and tune in tonight. I'll be on the call. I'm putting on my preps hat. And i'll be on the call for day sprint christian and lions lions tonight. Seven o'clock pre-game show herreid kelly. Tanner schwinn The power trip coming up next. This is northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi cable we'll talk to you on monday..

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