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News radio 610 wtvn thumbs gun jennings investigators in the roads murder mystery and play county are asking for help in getting info on four former neighbours is some of the murder victims the four persons of interest in the road and murder mystery once lived on peterson road in people the attorney general's office says the three men and one woman have since moved to alaska investigators are seeking information on billy angela george and edward jake wagner they want to know what the wagner's may have told others about cars firearms or ammunition connected to the road and family jared allah newsradio 610 wtvn and get more info on that story at 610 w t the end dot com only one of the four protesters arrested during century's pride parade remains in jail following court appearance this morning the four interrupted the parade and were confronted by columbus police blank officers who use mace on the protesters de'andre miles is charged with aggravated robbery for trying to take an officer's weapon for the officers were hurt in the ordeal today dozens of protestors stood outside the courthouse asking for him to be freed organizers for this weekend's confessor fighting a move that could force them to stop selling alcohol abc six is tom bosco says if there's nudity at the festival the state could prevent them from selling beer to visitors compass says the state is using rules that apply to adult businesses in that contest is in no way a sexually oriented business so compress attorneys filed an injunction this morning in federal court organizers say cutting off alcohol.

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