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Video product details page that can connect to any ecommerce cart. So it could be DC or third party retailer like an Amazon target or WalMart. And then we have a second part of the business which is called mix studios. It's our creative services arm. Where literally all day long. We only do two things we either optimize existing assets to get people to hit add to cart, or we create original content from the ground up that gets people to hit at two cart. Obviously so much has happened since 2017 both within the social space, obviously advances in technology more around trust and transparency how has the business of to be honest were on fire last year was the craziest year of my life, professionally our business grew three hundred fifty percent. And the reason being is that all trends point to make MAC, the reason I say that is because we live in a world now where fundamentally everything that I've been preaching people finally understand, which is if you give up your first party data, you give up your brand and the way that you capture your I party today to today is via direct response performance. Mark. Eating and econ. And we literally sit at the nexus of that the business is growing three hundred fifty percent, and we're working with partners like Bose Campbell's Estee Lauder craft Loria Levi's, Mattel PNG under armor Unilever. I could literally go on and on. And the reason why were signing all of these brands is that a major evolution in our products. Is we spoke last is our integrations with third party retailer carts. So when we spoke in November two thousand seventeen my business was primarily focused on working with wrecked. Consumer brands, and I began to take this very contrarian point of view in the market, which is personally, I don't believe we're gonna live in a world where you go to paper towels dot com to buy your paper towels and deodorant dot com to buy your children..

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