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The streets. There are really two Internet's in Iran says mass. So Eddie Mair Donnie. A PhD candidate at Oxford University. One is national set up and operated by state the other is global alimony. Sunny says the Iranian government has been preparing for this moment for a long time the general trend over the past ten years since two thousand nine has been to really they tried to institutionally tried to restrict the Internet space and find ways to quickly and swiftly shut down without really shutting down the nation's infrastructure structure. That's why Iranians can't call their families on WHATSAPP right now but alimony says the you're able to do things like online banking on Iran's it's national Internet system out Tokar heads. A group called knits blocks. It's a civil society organization that tracks Global Internet outage in in real time here says it took the Iranian government twenty four hours to complete shutoff global Internet access. This is unprecedented in recent times. And it's Severi extreme measure and it's obviously also happened somewhat unexpectedly just judging by the response that it has taken some time to bring these networks down talker says the results for citizens in Iran is more than a simple inconvenience the government is silencing its people it's very serious human rights implications into security issues a safety issue Iran should look to bring back its Internet as soon as possible. The trump administration Asian has condemned Iran's response to the protests. Let them speak tweeted. The State Department spokeswoman over the weekend but researcher muscle alimony donate who hasn't been able to connect with her family and friends in Iran says US sanctions are also part of the problem will sanctions the US have placed on. Iran has has caused a lot of internet infrastructure from being blocked for Iranian so a huge portion of Google's infrastructure Amazon's infrastructure apples infrastructure. PROJECTOR have been blocked for Iranians and so the sense caused huge hurdles researcher. I mean Rashidi says the Iranian people are stuck between being the global superpower and their own government on one side we have to deal with sanctions and other side in Iran. We have the government and the authority that they are blocking the Internet and for now he says Iranians both inside and outside of the country have no other option but to keep refreshing those missing missing and social media APPS in the hope of getting back online for the world. I'm shooting Jafari for several days. The campus of Hong Hong Kong's prestigious Polytechnic University has been a field of battle students inside the campus versus the authorities. Trying to get them out. Police have pushed past barricades and fired. Tear gas rubber bullets and water cannons at students. Dozens of activists have been reported injured injured. The students have been fighting back with makeshift weapons joey. CEO is a spokesperson for a coalition of Student Unions in Hong Kong. I spoke with her earlier today today. What was it like for you less Joey? Were you able to keep in touch with the students barricaded inside the campus during the standoff. Era's a really disastrous Saturday night. At says we cannot get inflexible. Any any of them and the situation was very concerning because the police were actually equipped cain themselves with machine guns in life around and they're basically surrounding Ho University campus so essentially you were cut off from all of your fellow fellow protesters and student colleagues. who were inside? The campus emotionally was at hard not knowing what was going on inside. While you're barricaded outside it was it's really hard because the police are actually asking all the Jaguars inside campus to leave. And that makes us very hard to know what is happening inside aside from near exit from deface but lives and because the resources anxiety politics facilities are are getting used up and as many of the students defends out of battery and we can call them and day could only report to us every two hours that they're safe. We can unbuckle someday. Safety of until now so just to bring us up to speed Joey how many friends do you have barricaded inside the campus. And what do you think's GonNa Happen even to this whole drama. I have more than ten friends right now. It Still Trapped Polytechnic University and they have no way out from decamp right now and I. I know that the charge that they are phasing could lead to imprisonment for up to ten years. I'm very very I don't know how how does he could go there already. Firing live rounds. They're actually trying to kill the students inside so as protesters are more more and more willing to lay their life on the line. Police are also getting injured in the process. I mean they're bringing force but Students are throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails one policeman. Someone got shot with a bow and Arrow what happened to the non violent resistance of the demonstrators. We try to. Es peaceful as possible. But when I want to say a is that the level of force used on the two sides. NFL equal first of all like yesterday. The police had been gearing up with machine-guns gearing themselves the five rounds and they're even driving armored vehicles trying to crush over the students divorce that the police are using it's way too high then the force that we are using today's to defend ourselves and yet I said I think the will has to understand what is the actual actually situation in Hong Kong that we have no choice but to protect ourselves. Well the nightmare scenario for many protesters for many people watching this around the world is that that Beijing will bring the demonstrations too violent end and that in turn could prompt a much more draconian relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland. Do you feel the protests have been effective active in preventing the kind of future that Hongkongers really worry about because of the products we have successfully stopped to extradition bill from passing through the Legislative Council will actually trying very hard to present Hong Kong from falling into becoming another mainland city. Eighty people on actually know that the Chinese Communist Party's actually encroaching Hong Kong in all bets Sherri slowly and bit by bit so if we do not continue today I mean Hongkou essentially full so I cannot say whether it is effective but we have no choice. Okay we have to continue to fight Joe issue a spokesperson for the coalition of Student Unions in Hong Kong speaking with us from Hong Kong. Joey thank you very much. Thank you very much Charlotte. Bronte is best known for her classic novel Jane Eyre But the Nineteen th century. English writers started small like really small. An auction in Paris today sold off a miniature manuscript that Bronte road in eighteen thirty when she was fourteen years old as tiny tiny the size of the matchbox. But you know special. Things have come in small packages. That's kitty right. She heads up the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Yorkshire England. The book is one of five that still exists. They measure barely one inch by two inches of these books is packed with full thousand. Tiny tiny words in a really small the Bronte society. I bought the itty-bitty Manuscript for eight hundred sixty thousand dollars today to give to the museum's collection. The museum already has the four other tiny books. Charlotte Bronte Ronda Rudd. When she was a young team challenge made them as magazines for her toy soldiers so they are like miniature flexibly magazines have content pages have stories articles and even advertisements in the back to really through the early sign that she wanted to be a published writer? The manuscript will join the four others like it at the Bronte Bronte Parsonage Museum. The House that Brunton grew up in the house where she played with toy soldiers and wrote these stories so no wonder. The museum's director is ecstatic. That the final remaining book is coming Home Right. Says the writing was so small. No grownups could read it probably just as well because the contents might it deemed to be unsuitable for the daughter Vika to be writing age fourteen. One of the stories describes a murderer driven to madness after being haunted by his victims an immense hence fire burns in his head causing his bedroom curtains to catch fire to if that scene sounds familiar. You might remember something similar happening in Jane Eyre which Bronte would publish seventeen years later in a normal font size. You're listening to the world a quick note before we get back to the show where a a few weeks into the news match campaign and we have the opportunity to re and we have the opportunity to receive twenty thousand dollars in matching funds to support our reporting that means more support for our unparalleled coverage of issues like immigration. The environment women's empowerment human rights make a contribution today to support the global double journalism. You rely on visit the world dot org slash match to make a gift. I'm Marco Werman. This is the world how times change in the nineteen seventies. A recording device brought down a president. Today we're looking at the records of cell phone conversations stations in the impeachment inquiry last week. A potential bombshell was dropped in addition to the suspicious July twenty fifth phone call. Between President trump and Ukraine's president. There was another phone call between the President and Gordon Sunland his ambassador to the European Union who was on his cell phone in a restaurant in cave on a potentially unsecured unsecured phone. Line that new stunned some security experts including Larry Phifer. He served thirty two years in the intelligence community including a senior director of the White House Situation Room. I'm going to assume that the Russian intelligence service and perhaps other foreign intelligence services are targeting guys like ambassador Sunlen. If you're a high value target for Russia you just have to assume that they are monitoring you their surveillance and they're we're going to be trying to listen in on your calls and you know a country like Ukraine high threat environment from an intelligence perspective guys like San Land The members of the embassy staff. They they will have been briefed extensively on the threats that exist in this region. They will have gotten briefings on the outset of their of their hiring and then odds are they were even get a security briefing before they would go to the end of the country about the various threats that existed so either one of three things happened either one never got the briefing. That's bad too. He got the briefing and he forgot ought about it. That's bad or number three. He got the briefing understood. It but doesn't care and Really none of those answers are very positive. So there is clearly a security protocol for these kinds of communications today compared with other administrations US sane. Larry how does the trump administration comply generally with these security measures. Somebody anecdotes dictates. Were hearing like this one. You know suggests that there are players who don't take security as seriously as they should now in fairness to these individuals I I worked in the White House during the Obama Administration. And when you when you have an an administration you have a mix of people you've got people who spend decades in the business you come steeped in this kind of knowledge but you also have people who come from the corporate world you have people that come from academia people that come from politics from the campaign and they come in. And they're given jobs that given clearances they. They're given a access to sensitive information. They all get briefed on that. First Week they get flooded with all kinds of briefings about all the rules and regulations but at the same time they get those briefings. They're also starting to go one hundred and eighty miles an hour to accomplish the foreign policy objectives of the president. We had one individual lose lose. lose his blackberry in China and they called us. They're concerned wasn't that. They lost a blackberry. In China. They're concerned was my boss. Needs his blackberry. Akbari new blackberry. Can you get me one and my concern was oh my God. You've lost the blackberry in China and he called me back five minutes later. Say Oh don't worry. Hey everything's links fine. The Chinese founded and they just gave it back to us as I said they need to put it in a lead lined box and mail that sucker back to to Washington in to be examined forensically and Might Assumption again as if it if your device falls into the hands of a foreign government. You have to assume that it's been compromised. I how do you think this phone call. Plays into the Democrats larger case against trump. If it plays out as it's been characterized it suggests a a greater hand by the president on the Tiller of the scheme here and so that that begins to feed into somebody's impeachment charges. I think that was security. Analyst Larry Phifer who spent more than three decades working in US intelligence he now directs the Hayden Center for Intelligence Policy and International Security at George Mason University. It is a sad week in Washington Bay Bay the pander is leaving the National Zoo heading home to China for decades. Beijing has been dispatching dispatching. Its pandas like ambassadors on loan. They may be the country's cutest peacemakers but just how influential is panda diplomacy the world's Lucy. Marta Roseana Roseana takes a look. America watched Bay Grow Up. They.

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