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I'm using colleges. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those a ha moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or skeptic, a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop. Yeah. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guest musicians. Song writers producers journalists listen to switch on pop every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. Okay. So I'm joined now by Ed Valentine, a big blue view. My former co hosts here at the locked on giants podcast and Ed as we recorded. It is ten o'clock at night. I don't know about you. But I was kind of counting on a quiet night. And such is not the case. No, Patty, you know, just just to let folks know we're doing a little bit of a of a of a joint conversation here you're going to use. You're gonna use it at locked on giants. I'm going to use it on my own new show at the Valentine's use podcast so will be killing two birds with one stone here. But but like, you, you know, I I was all settled down got got the pajamas on. I got the bathrobe on. I was was ready to go watch some TV. And then Dave Gettleman went and traded Odell Beckham to the Cleveland. Oakland browns. And and and I'm still trying to process that when Patty, you know, at I just put together something for Forbes. I just it just published literally seconds ago. I have some thoughts about this. You know, I know I apologize homeless Twitter followers. I had not had a chance to really look at the my mentions. I know there's a lot of people who are upset who are asking. Why what the heck is going on? Whether the giants doing an Ed I just want to mention a couple of things that I put in that article just just for what it's worth number one. I think given the hall that the giant Scott, and for those who don't who haven't heard they not only got safety Gibril peppers, which you know, the bills need it. Also gives them the Browns first round pick, which is number seventeen overall. And the second of the Browns to third round picks, which I believe is number ninety six overall. I don't know about she wed. But I have a feeling that quarterback. Now becomes in play for the giants. I kept saying before the giants made this trade that I thought it would be a pass rusher. At number six. I didn't see quarterback being in play. Now. Think quarterback might be play with this extra. You know, first round pick in and disturb round pick, absolutely, Patty..

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