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Welcome to the absolutely not podcast where we do the most in the least at the same damn time. I'm your host. Heather McMahon Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the PODCAST. I am so thrilled or tuning in May and we have a lot to uncover talk about. It's been a whirlwind. I just got back from Italy wellness. Update gotta be honest with you. Not well rolled into town as soon as I left. Europe got aside. It's infection so I'm on Sudafed Fan. You know the kind that you have to show your license for AK I'm spitballing on math. I'm Speed Bowen. So hard right now. I'm going to bring in Jeff fearing a little bit because I need him to settle me down. I need somebody to bounce some ideas off of because I get why methods get nuts. It's a superhuman strength. Not only am I on the SUDAFED. I'm unprejudiced own. Dr Choi today at the urgent care around the corner from me. He's like you need a steroid. I got a viral science infection. Probably got it on the frigging plane over here. I was thriving in Europe. Yeah if you listen to the episode of ovaries on a plane than you heard. I almost died on the way there but when I got there I thrived. I do so well in Europe. Didn't gain a single ounce. Not An ounce fatter and you want to know what I did drink every day a pasta. Last Pizza Gelato feel great. Got An a plane with a bunch of people. Bunch of Americans going back to America got sick so now I am royd raging on my couch right now recording this podcast. I got a couple of things to get off my chest. I'll bring Jeff here in a minute. y'All really loved Robin on the podcast last week. And I'm so so glad. But she was so funny she was like I. Didn't you know like you just do this in the morning. I'm trying to record her. In Italy I feel so bad for my producer Michelle Michelle. I know. You're listening. I'm so sorry I know I'm behind on everything. We're leaving for tour this week. I'm overwhelmed but she died. She measures like Heather. Robin literally was like so over. It and Robin Beg Nissan. I want to be on the PODCAST. Has Put me on the podcast. And then we get her on the podcast. She's like what is talk anymore. I'm ready to go to bed. Catch me in the morning when I'm fresh so now you'll see where I'm coming from. It's been crazy right now. I'm so sorry I like post nasal drip I feel like shit and listen. Listen I am booked in busy and I'm truly blessed but my friend. Tim is coming on the road with me literally. said he's like Heather. You're tired and hired. You're hired and tired you. You can be booked in busy but you're also hired tired you know I was entertaining. Twenty eight girls over in Italy and we had so much fun. And I'll get into that as good but my God. I'm whipped. Your girls exhausted. I landed by sister is in town. I hate to see people. I'm so behind on work. It's crazy and we're leaving leaving this Thursday for the second leg of the.

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