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And that was when those were those. Bob set defenses. That were like actually decent. And we're we're actually competitive every year instead of getting exploited by nfl offenses. Yeah i think he did play his best years still wouldn't know a one. I felt like he was a strong too. And that's that's where. I feel like the kid is. The kid is right now. I feel like we're talking about baseball. How we talk about number. One pitchers versus aces. Yeah feel like. You're looking for aces. i'm talking about a strong number one starter like that. That's what i view these guys. As are they ace's no. That's where you're getting into your jalen ramsey's and The top end talent these guys. I think are legit number one starters on a good team. Yeah like if. We're talking about like that. I think he's a to starter like he's a number to start innings right now. Yeah i i think how gibson that has. Potential is better cal keeps. He's somebody who's got all scoured cows game cinemas mizzou maids or. But if he's if he's a number two guy that you're not going to look at the number one headed into the year then he's brilliant and bershad bruin was perfectly fine for your secondary because that's what shot is viewed as in the nfl. I'll give you that. I i'll give you that but still what bershad be really like. I mean he was a guy that you didn't just leave alone on folks like you didn't just say our rashad got hopkins. Let's just do it about brillant and twenty nineteen last year. I felt like he took a little bit of a step back the chiefs but i thought in twenty nineteen like when you look back at that highlight reel of some of their biggest defensive plays in that season of vast majority of them involves shaab. It's i. I'm just i'm higher on there. I also once again kind of to our initial topic here. Tonight were ron. I feel better about their coaching staff. Like i just. I trust their coaches to get the most out of their corners. Maybe more so than any other spot on this roster because they've been so depleted at that position for so long that the fact that they've even been able to get competent. Cornerback play over. The last few years is nothing..

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