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Week days I think the late thanksgiving just kind of got people into a bit of a scramble rushing to get their presence for the holiday season another potential shopping spoiler could have been all the stormy weather lately which is featured a combination of rain sleet and snow were new Englanders we don't get affected by whether we tough it out it also helps that the weather was not too bad on Wednesday afternoon with much of the ice gone from Tuesday storm not only were people streaming in and out of the store hope street was hopping with both foot and road traffic it seems that rain snow or shine new Englanders don't want to end up empty handed this time of year we got to get your presence we just tell them to drive safely on their way home and the owners tell me the one thing that can sometimes slowdown shopping traffic is a lot of heavy snow beat Mangione from Eyewitness News brand Amaral in today's Providence journal says the Roman Catholic diocese of Providence has backed off a plan to permanently close the Saint Charles Borromeo church building in one socket while sticking by its plan to dissolve the parish itself the diocese said yesterday that bishop Thomas Tobin had rescinded his decree permanently closing the building after the request came from the Reverend Joseph opt in the parish administrator the Saint Charles Borromeo parish of one socket will still be suppressed bill or closed as of early next year however the church building which is on north main street and Daniel Streetman soccer will close indefinitely starting on January the thirteenth the decision leaves open the possibility of further study and occasional use of nearly that one hundred and fifty year old building Irish is a specific community of Catholic faithful within the diocese with its own church building so under Wednesday's moves in other words the diocese is still doing away with the.

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